Manchester United: a team that’s worth millions

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The 'Red Devils' is one of the most valuable teams in the world, above some such as Real Madrid, Barcelona or Cristiano Ronaldo's Juventus

Manchester United: a team that's worth millions

They say that the results are everything in the world of football, but for Manchester United, it's not.

The cast of Old Trafford, despite having bad results after the departure of his coach for 26 years, Sir Alex Ferguson, in 2013 continues to hold on to the first place in the most valuable brands of the world's football, confirms Ed Woodward, executive vice president of the 'Red Devils' expert in business leadership, in statements published by Mundo Deportivo.

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Although they made every effort to retain coach José Mourinho, the most recent to occupy the position permanently in the technical bench, the results did not accompany him, which ultimately led to the decision to terminate their contractual relationship and avoid a weakness in the financial part.

But, what is the reason for this financial success if the results do not support sports management? It is estimated that the value of Manchester United is 1,500 million euros (1,700 million dollars), this thanks to the figures in international competitions, television broadcasts, transfers of players and high-level hiring as the French Paul Pogba, the goalkeeper Spanish David de Gea and Chilean midfielder Alexis Sanchez, which also held the big brands next to the red team.

Despite the attractive roster and the massive and constant presence of their supporters, "if they do not start winning, some clients may be tempted to sponsor the competition," were the words of Ed Woodward to the newspaper The Sun, which also led to the collapse of Mourinho's 'house of cards'.

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On the other hand, Brand Finance experts consulted by Mundo Deportivo, report that "United is still powerful and attractive but will not last forever. If sports performance does not improve, it is logical that commercial revenues fall. "

The numbers

The fiscal forecast between 2018 and 2019 for United will be helped by the new European system of distribution of funds for broadcasting rights that went IGNORE INTO effect, so it will be a record for its finances, which in the period 2017/18 was of 775.4 million dollars, but that for the current season will border the 797 million dollars.

"Our higher revenue expectation for the year demonstrates our strong long-term financial performance, which underpins everything we do and allows us to compete for the best talent in an increasingly competitive transfer market," Ed Woodward said in a statement. 

In the second box of the most valuable brands of world football is Real Madrid, whose revenues reached 750 million euros, about 853 million dollars. For its part, the rival yard, Manchester City, gain in the previous season 560 million euros, about 637 million dollars.

Although the 'meringues' and 'citizens' have been at the top of the podium in their respective leagues, and in the case of Real Madrid being a champion of the 'Champions', United still holds the financial power on the planet , something that is in danger due to the string of soccer failures after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013.


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