Reduce the Annual Cost of Business Utilities by Clamping Down on Water Bills

Business utilities are supposed to be resources that are essential for a business to generate revenue.

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However, if the cost of affording those utilities is left unmonitored and un-optimised, it can end up eating heavily into the company profits. With that in mind, we are going to focus on optimising water bills today, as any business that has not yet given their water bills enough attention will usually have multiple opportunities to reduce them.

See if You Can Reduce the Water Consumption Rate

There are a few effective ways to reduce your water consumption rate, but before we proceed, it is imperative to note that at no point should your efforts to reduce wate consumption affect the business’s operational capabilities or productivity. As for the common methods that can be useful in preventing the overuse of water in commercial facilities, we have outlined some below:

  • Teach your employees to only use the dishwasher after it is full; this reduces the number of times you need to use it.

  • In case there are still single flush toilets, consider shifting to double-flush bowls.

  • Install energy and water-efficient taps that can be used to slow down the water pressure for reducing water usage.

  • The new taps should also come with motion sensors, so that the waterflow is shut down automatically even if someone forgets to shut it down. 

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Switch to a More Cost-Effective Business Utility Provider

People are often surprised by how much they can save by changing their water supplier. Consider the fact that this does not require the business to consume any less water than it did before, and yet, they could be paying anything between 10-45% less per month in water bills! Have a look online and see if switching over to a different business utility supplier at the end of your ongoing contract could significantly lower the price of business utilities (water, electricity, gas, etc.) per unit, as compared to what you are paying right now. In order to get an estimate regarding how much money you could be saving by comparing bids and then shifting to a new business water supply provider, you can use sites like

Check for Leaks If You Note a Sudden Surge in Water Consumption

Check the water bills from the last twelve months and note if there has been a significant surge in the establishment’s water consumption rate at any point. If there really is a leak to search for, you should be able to find a sudden and unexplainable surge in your water bills. 

Also note whether or not the surge came down within normal parameters after a month, or it stayed abnormally high ever since the first unprecedented surge. If the water bills did not come down, or in worst case scenarios, actually seemed to have surged even more, then there’s definitely a leak and it might even be growing bigger. Call in a plumber or your water service provider to have the plumbing system checked and repaired as soon as possible.

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