The four oldest companies in the world

Betting on a company can be difficult in times of coronavirus. However, what happens when you've been on the market for centuries?

Betting on a company can be difficult in times of coronavirus. However, what happens when you've been on the market for centuries? .

Hotel Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan

The Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan Inns in Japan have the record of being open since the 8th century. / Photo: Wikimedia-Boltor

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused some changes in business structures. For example, from La Nación they mention that, in Argentina, some 30,000 companies would close this year due to the coronavirus and the crisis it generated. That is, companies that cannot sustain themselves in the face of economic problems.

At the same time, around the world we are seeing fewer and fewer companies that do want to open, as it is not the “right time”. In the midst of a global economic recession, it would be logical to wait for life to return to "normal", where people's consumption will return to the same as before.

However, what about companies that already have a long life? For example, Magnet Xataka refers to Kongo Gumi, a Japanese company that is the oldest in the world and has been operating for 1,400 years. Let's look at the cases of the oldest companies in history.

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan Inns (Year 705)

We are still in Japan. According to the Vinos y Caminos website, it is the "oldest thermal hotel in the world" . Located in the Japanese village Hayakawa, it has the incredible record of being open since the 8th century, always managed by the same family, which is currently in the 52nd generation.

In that inn you can find a very high standard of living. It has 37 rooms, which were renovated in 1997, in addition to four springs rich in hot minerals at perfect temperatures. In other words, an ideal place to relax. 

Hōshi Ryokan (718 AD)

This is, according to La Vanguardia , the “oldest hotel in the world”. It is an ancient accommodation that was managed by 46 generations of the same family, achieving enormous popularity due to its balance with nature.

In Clarín they complement the information by saying that the hotel has four buildings, which are adorned with elements typical of the seasons. A beautiful view of the vegetation and the wooden bathrooms generate a feeling of incredible comfort, being a perfect option to unwind.

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Stiftskeller St. Peter (Austria, year 803)

Let's move on to Europe. According to the Bon Viveur specialized website, this is the "oldest restaurant in the world", located in the city of Salzburg, Austria. We are talking about an establishment that appears behind the monastery walls of St. Peter's Archabbey and that managed to survive all this time.

Currently, we can see it as a luxury gastronomic space. With different specialized dishes that seek to portray the food of the country, a series of technical innovations are carried out, managing to become one of the most outstanding establishments in the city.

Staffelter Hof (Germany, year 862 )

Finally, we find, probably, the oldest wine cellar in the world. However, the place also acts as a hotel and guest house, which is located in Kröv. According to its institutional website, for a thousand years it belonged to an abbey that sold wine and spirits. The objective? Only cover expenses so that they could survive.

However, in 1805 the Napoleonic Code was approved, the power of the Church was reduced and the place was sold to the businessman Peter Schneiders, his family being the one who ran the winery for seven generations, even to this day. Therefore, we see that there are a number of historical places that, if they survived so many years, they will surely be able to do so in the face of the coronavirus.

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