These are the most expensive sponsorships in European football

The alliance of Manchester United with Chevrolet forms the most expensive sponsorship of the football world, costing 269 million euros per year

These are the most expensive sponsorships in European football

The company CSM Sport & Entertainment is currently one of the most important references in terms of sports information because they have created a global network that allows them to be aware of a large amount of data that ends up being relevant in the study of sports and all the aspects that surround it. Recently this company published a study with the profits of the teams of the five major European football leagues (Spain, England, France, Germany, and Italy) and their sponsors.

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The results of this analysis are interesting because, in addition to revealing the income of certain clubs, they give an idea of ​​how competitive football tries to shape the world in the face of great competitions such as the Champions League and what it means to have the pressure of different sponsors behind. For example, from last season, Real Madrid has lost up to eight sponsors, as reported by the newspaper AS. Is this a consequence of the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo?

The panorama presented by the report of CSM Sport & Entertainment does not surprise in their names, although it may come as a surprise to the positions in which some of them are. The revenue for sponsorship in Europe is led by Manchester United, with more than 269 million euros in profits, followed by Barcelona with 261 million and Bayern München with 180 million. The list of the top 10 is completed by:

  • Real Madrid
  • Chelsea
  • Manchester City
  • Arsenal
  • Liverpool
  • Paris Saint-German
  • Juventus

The Premier League, the most lucrative league

Different things can be highlighted in this report. On the one hand, the league with more names in the top 10 is the Premier (England), which adds an economic factor to the fact that this is the most competitive league of the five European, without a clear winner in their competitions, to unlike the others where there is a winning hegemony that is divided IGNORE INTO one or two teams per nation. You can also analyze the business model that each club follows, being the first four clubs that are commanded by partners, instead of large billionaires who are majority owners, a situation increasingly common in today's football.

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In this way, Manchester United, for example, seeks to obtain its economic power through alliances with large global industries, instead of surrendering its sport independence to a single owner. However, does this independence really exist?

Sponsors put pressure on their clubs

Market rumors, which tend to skyrocket every summer and every winter in sports media, have repeatedly reported the pressures that sponsors put on to have more stars, more brands to sell. For example, diarioGOL recently published that the biggest sponsors of Real Madrid (Adidas, Fly Emirates and Audi) pressed their president, Florentino Pérez, for the hiring of a new star. However, this does not go beyond a simple rumor.

It is clear, in spite of everything that can happen around, that today's football is increasingly an industry and less a naive and local sport. The passions not only wake up the clubs of the childhood, but there are teams to the other of the world that count between their liking to people of all parts and, within their sponsors, very varied industries. From an automotive company, Chevrolet, to luxury airlines, Fly Emirates, sponsorship is an obligation of current football and a tool to have economic support in a market that seems to grow uncontrollably.


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