Tips From Women To Lead “Organizational Agility”

The pandemic reaches the corporate media as a sweeping phenomenon that creates volatile, complex, ambiguous, and uncontrollable environments known as VUCA, which have forced companies worldwide to react with high-performance and agile teams that can prevail and be resilient.

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This context has forced organizations to renew themselves at a very accelerated rate in all areas of the organization, acquiring an agile mentality that adjusts quickly, promoting empowerment for decision-making in the market quickly by recognizing opportunities, known as Business Agility.

Women Face the Environment of Business Uncertainty

This new challenge has been a great opportunity to recognize the work of many women entrepreneurs capable of successfully leading these environments of uncertainty, managing to improve the effectiveness and productivity of organizations.

Part of this success is a consequence of the current market environment where organizations are increasingly showing the importance of building truly diverse and inclusive cultures to have an advantage over their competitors. Gender is not a determining factor in establishing leaders; what is really relevant must be consistency, responsibility, and quality of performance because knowledge does not have gender.

Although there is still much to be built, the corporate decision to include female skills is an increasingly evident trend, thanks in large part to the need to structure new, rapidly adaptable business models, where it is necessary to strengthen new leadership. It is not only managers who must know the direction the business is taking but must be able to communicate this to all employees efficiently and with as little noise as possible. "We are at a time when vertical structures are stagnating organizations…Vertical leadership no longer operates, because it seeks to understand the skills of all employees within the same objective at a higher speed," says Marcela Perilla, SAP President LAC North, during the "Women and Business Agility Summit 2021," organized by Innovus Business School.


The ability to detect and quantify the most outstanding opportunities that arise in the market to manage resources and make decisions according to well-defined objectives are some of the competencies that can be highlighted the most within the performance of current business leaders, who have understood and potentiated the ability to work in an inclusive team where the experience of each of its members enriches without taking into account social labels and stereotypes and above all, serving as an example to promote future generations. There is still a lack of promotion policies for women in the technological and organizational sphere, which should be an objective to promote corporate talent and not a mandatory part of a Gender Quota Law imposed by governments.

Tips To Be Leaders in Business Agility

In an age where quick responses to opportunities are required, women seeking to develop their skills in the business environment can take into account the following tips recommended by the President of SAP at LAC North:

1. Lose the fear of change.

2. Make visible the business achievements of other women.

3. It is very important not to stop learning. It is necessary to be reading and learning because the industry and the world is changing and we must adapt. 

4. The leader is due to her people because there is no leader without a team. 

5. Not only does individual success matter but group impact permeates society and the community.

6. Finally remember that there is nothing healthier than maintaining a healthy relationship with people, with teams.

"Women and Business Agility Summit 2021," inspire entrepreneurial women who can register by clicking here to participate in more online events.  

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