Tips To Shine as a Remote Employee

If you are working from home, you might be finding it hard to showcase your value to your boss, manager, and co-workers.

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Here are Career Strategist & Coach Linda Raynier's best tips on how you can shine as a remote employee and how you can showcase your value even though you're teleworking.

It's really easy for you to feel like you're lost in the shuffle when you have to work from home because you're behind a screen, and you don't get to spend that face time with your manager and co-workers. For this reason, it might be hard for you to showcase your value and demonstrate how strong of an employee you are. Here are some tips to help you stand out in your work.

Do the Work

This may sound self-explanatory, but you really do not want to give your boss any reason to think that you're not doing anything when you're working from home. Stay on top of your assignments and demonstrate that you do a high-quality job. Complete the tasks before the deadline to ensure that everyone feels good that you're doing your job.

Say More Than Hi

Schedule regular check-ins with your boss. That means that you want to have a consistent time. For example, every week or every two weeks, you can update your manager on what you've been working on, how well you've been doing, and ask any questions or answer any questions that your manager may have for you. Be proactive and ask for that FaceTime.

Make It Obvious

Vocalize your achievements. Don't let your triumphs go under the radar. In those regular check-ins with your manager, tell them what your most recent accomplishment was. For example: Let them know that you reorganized the files in the folder, created a new template that saved everyone time, or found cost saving that helps with the budget. From there, track those achievements so that in your following performance review, you can remind your manager of what you did well.


Do Not Hide

When working from home, it's really easy to do certain things, such as hiding behind an email or not turning on your camera. When you're hiding, you are essentially shutting yourself out from being involved with your manager and co-workers. That kind of attitude doesn't end up well when it comes to a performance review. Remember to stay involved and be a part of the team.

Learn Video Call Etiquette

Make sure that when you are on a video call meeting, you're not staring at something else. Principally, try not to stare at your phone. Instead, pay attention and look at the people at the meeting.

Another great tip: Put yourself on mute if you're not talking. Finally, if you are speaking and there happens to be noise in your background, apologize for it, move to a quiet space, and then proceed to talk. People will completely understand because they're all in the same situation as well.

Follow these tips and start shining as a remote employee. With the right attitude and completing your daily tasks, the company will feel happy to have you as part of the team.

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