To Be Successful, Women Should Not Be Super Powerful,” Ángela Zuluaga

A woman, mother of two daughters, and International Business professional with a specialization in Strategic Communication who has just been appointed

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Today she feels very grateful for this opportunity that this company offered her, however, ten years ago, when she joined as director of Public Affairs for the International Business Unit of Central Latin America, she only thought of having "personal and professional stability"; today "the objectives are changing, and with this, new responsibilities".

“I must lead with the reputation of the most democratic company in the world and of 500 brands in 200 countries; The first challenge will be to focus and plant, today so that Coca-Cola can continue to be successful for another 136 years. But it also entails some close achievements, since in the first place is my personal life before the professional. I will keep my feet on the ground and I believe that success has come from maintaining that essence of who I am, and where I come from. I have my ambitions, but I want to achieve them in the right way and if my family is fine, I will be fine, and therefore my management in the company”.

Ángela Zuluaga is a daughter and a sister, and she knows she is a leading woman in her work and the sector. She agrees that progress has been made in reducing the gender gap, but there is still much to do. “I feel privileged since my company has allowed me to grow as a woman. I was not only in the Woman Council, which encourages female empowerment, but also benefited from the policies that promote women within the organization”. On the other hand, she details that when there is a vacancy, it is constantly sought that both applicants and personnel selection members have a gender balance. Additionally, she “has female talent acceleration programs, where I have been accompanied by mentors to help me recognize my strengths and what I am not good at. I am also a mentor to women in Latin America.” here she offers a clear message to readers “women should not be super powerful or heroines” and invites them to “be able to say NO when we don't know. We must have the intellectual honesty to say I don't know about this, but I am learning; as well as being humble to recognize that help is required”. Finally, “one lead by example to inspire other women, without losing our essence; you can grow and be successful at the same time, keeping in mind that the meaning of being “successful” varies for each person”.

She is asked about women's quotas in the policies of public entities and social and private organizations, and her answer is clear “I hate the word quotas, but she understands that what is not measured is not met. Behind there is a very beautiful intention, but I believe that we must generate the discipline and custom behind the organizations so that equal work opportunities are given to all. Ángela emphasizes by saying that “they give me a job because of my abilities and not because I am a woman”. "A board of directors of only men or women must be very boring, we need that combination, that perfect match to do great things."

With great affection and energy, she points out that she feels very proud to have been born in the municipality of Quimbaya, Quindío 44 years ago. She loves the land of her childhood, the land of her parents, the land of Colombian coffee, and the land with beautiful landscapes. She hopes not to yearn for this land as she works in financial and strategic communications, linking the reputation of 500 brands and the company's brand. In addition, she oversees the communications of these brands in 200 countries and governance and sustainability issues.

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