Who can be the new owner of Chelsea FC?

The English team is for sale and there seem to be several interested in acquiring their shares. Who is the most optioned to be the new owner of Chelsea? .

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The Premier League announced on March 12 that Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich would be sacked as the businessman behind Chelsea. This occurred within the framework of different sanctions that Europe generated against businessmen linked to Vladimir Putin, after the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Consequently, Chelsea is for sale. While he can continue to compete, as he has a top-level team, the London team must have a new owner. That is to say, the team's bank accounts and all sources of income have been paralyzed, at least until a new buyer emerges.

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For this reason, the team's technical director, Thomas Tuchel, had joked that he himself would drive a van, in case there is a lack of money for his team to travel to fulfill its sporting commitments. Well, this situation will not last long, since there are several interested in acquiring the club.

Last Friday was the date to deliver the offers to be able to stay with the current European champion. Here we tell you who are the main interested in being the new owner of Chelsea!

Mr. Jim Ratcliffe

Let's start with one of the serious candidates: the richest man in the UK. This is a person who has a fortune estimated at more than 34,000 million euros. In case you didn't know, he is the owner of the INEOS company, one of the most important oil organizations on the planet.

The intention of Ratcliffe, who is a partner of Chelsea, is to make an offer through his empire. From Abramovich's perspective, the deal should cost around 3.6 billion euros, which is almost 4 times the amount the Glazer family paid to take over Manchester United in 2005.

Well, what could his arrival mean? Possibly media calm. Although he lives in Monaco, he is a Chelsea fan who will try to maintain the good football course of recent times. In addition, he has experience in taking charge of other teams.

In 2019, Ratcliffe acquired Nice from France's Ligue One, for an offer that did not make it to the media, although it is estimated to be more than 90 million euros. Since then, this French team managed to consolidate a good idea of the game and are currently third in the highest category of that country.

Because of his media profile, he could be more conservative than Abramovich when it comes to spending. However, he would seek to continue the path of buying young promises, as he did in Nice with footballers of the stature of Justin Kluivert. Will he be the new owner of the London blues for the next season?

Mohamed Alkhereiji

Here we turn to an opposite facet: the waste of money. The Saudi Media Group, through tycoon Mohamed Alkhereiji, is seeking to acquire Chelsea FC with a stratospheric offer: 3.2 billion euros. This operation is based on the fact that its owner recognizes himself as a fan of the club and dreams of being able to make decisions in the institution.

This company is responsible for editing, printing, and distributing media publications in the Saudi Arabian region. Due to his experience in the media, Alkhereiji could achieve a better job at the communication level at Chelsea FC, but that is not all: he could also strengthen the institution even more. The offer has already been supplied, and as has been known, the Saudi Media Group would not be linked to the Government, nor could it be linked to Newcastle (owned by the Saudi royal family).

His case could be directly linked to what happened at PSG, which became a "millionaire" team over the years. Therefore, this arrival would be much more media and would not have a more austere profile, as would happen with Ratcliffe. It is another of the serious candidates to achieve the purchase.

Hansjörg Wyss

Here appears an 86-year-old who was also interested in taking over the reins of the London club. He is the richest man in Switzerland, with a net worth of $5.1 billion, who works with the owner of the MLB's Los Angeles Dodgers. Therefore, although he has no experience in soccer, he did get it in another sport.

He is Chairman of Synthes Holding AG, a globally successful manufacturer of various medical devices. His project would seek to be low profile, with normal investments for the markets of this sport. For Wyss, it can mean a long-term project and his immersion in the world of football.

Nick Candy

Another possible owner is the English billionaire Nick Candy. The real estate businessman reportedly submitted an offer (along with additional capital) that not only intends to buy the team but also pay for a refurbishment of the Stamford Bridge stadium, which could tip the scales when choosing the new owner. . Candy is a well-known fan of the London team and has an approximate fortune of 1.5 billion pounds sterling, according to The Guardian, less than the 7.2 billion dollars that Abramovich is estimated to have.

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