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Meet in The Woman Post the most innovative women in the labor market who participate with great perspective, creative opinions, and meaningful experiences facing significant challenges in their professional lives.

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The second report, "Women and Innovation 2022," published by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, reveals the advances concerning equality and innovation. This report was prepared by the Women, Science and Innovation Observatory (OMCI) to close the gender gap suffered by many women. Diana Morant, Minister of Science and Innovation, says that the challenge is creating a green, digital and egalitarian future with innovative approaches to women's talent.

Women's participation in this area is slowly being incorporated, with 27% in the labor market. However, new ventures in women are based on technology and innovation. The report focuses on an exclusive group of women who have impacted the economy. The female gender continues to work with a vision for the future and perceptions of innovation.

The analysis experts show that the biotechnology sector increased by 7.6%, that is, 29,655 people, of which women occupy 57.5% and men 42.5%. In addition, almost 47.5% of women have worked in innovation part-time, and it is estimated that 54.6% are full-time. That is why The Woman Post invites you to meet three women who innovate in the 2022 labor market.

Verónica Pascual Boé

The leader is a graduate of Aeronautical Engineering, director and CEO at Asti Mobile Robotics, and believes that robots will be responsible for cleaning workspaces. These actions allow humans to get out of the office and do other tasks. Verónica Pascual was awarded at the "Entrepreneur 2020" event and expressed that entrepreneurship is exciting but difficult. However, women can better conceptualize entrepreneurship and see who that venture is aimed at with different strategies.

Verónica Pascual Boé suggests that girls understand the valuable power of technology and that they can choose STEM professions because the future is framed in digitalization and talent. In addition, it considers that the data indicate that women choose to undertake challenging situations, whether in the economic, political, social, or institutional spheres of inequality.

Paz Fernández de Vera

The leader believes it is important for girls and young women to recreate behaviors in STEM professions. In addition, they become aware of their shortcomings to overcome the difficulties they may have. The idea is that girls can generate different paths to great results. These actions get girls to work as a team and create specific skills, such as communication, tolerance, and resilience. In recent years, women have been undervalued in all sectors. However, innovation in those technology and scientific sectors is the career that tomorrow's women seek.


Arancha Martínez Fernández

She is a social entrepreneur with excellent experience in the field of international cooperation to eliminate gaps through innovation, inclusion, technology, and efficient sisterhood. Arancha designed an app that fights poverty and various social problems. The successful entrepreneur was one of the winners of the 2020 edition of The EU Prize for Women Innovators.

The leader created a digital ecosystem that increases impact communication and generates transparency in her work. Arancha Martínez Fernández believes that the knowledge and activities of girls and adolescents allow them to develop skills to obtain critical thinking. These three women cultivate critical thinking in girls to grow equal opportunities in science and technology.

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