• Why Do people not comply with the law in Latin America?

    There is an abysmal difference in people’s attitude before the law. For example, people in Germany and in the United States usually feel almost a reverential respect toward it, but people in Latin America have very low regard for it.

  • Uruguay’s Quiet Democratic Miracle

    If Latam summons images of political turmoil, populist tyrants, religous mania and epic corruption, think agaoin: Tiny Uruguay, pulling itself up by its bootstraps, has morphed into one of the most progressive nations on earth

  • The Scope of Hate in 2016

    The F.B.I. hasn’t released hate crime data for 2016 yet, but in November it reported a total of 5,850 hate crimes in 2015, up from 5,479 in 2014.

  • Political hypocrisy behind the death Penalty

    The world is too eager to criticize Erdogan for supporting death penalty but forget where else the capital punishment is already valid. 

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