6 Investment Options with Little Money

When it comes to investing, many people believe having a large amount of capital is necessary. However, there are investment options with little money.

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When discussing investments, we usually think of a large flow of capital to achieve millionaire returns. However, this only happens sometimes. Today there are investment alternatives with little money or budget. In LatinAmerican Post, we bring you some innovative options for Latin American companies or tools to bet on the region.

This is an application that aims to change the way meat is produced. Investors invest in "regenerative and profitable livestock farming" in Colombia. You can invest in different cattle breeding projects. From just $160, you can buy a percentage of a fattening project. The projects give a return of approximately 14% (E. A.).

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The projects are covered by an insurance policy that allows recovery of part of the investment in the event of a catastrophe. Although the projects are considered a moderate investment, they may suffer from problems typical of the sector: animal diseases, environmental phenomena, fluctuations in the prices of inputs and livestock, etc.


This strategy is to invest in real estate in the United States for as little as $50. Macondo uses the fractional ownership model. This means that a project is created for each property, and each investor buys a fraction of the project. Thus, if the property costs $100,000, for every $50 invested, 0.05% of the property is purchased. In this way, the rent is distributed, and the percentage of the property is sold when it is valued.

The advantage of buying real estate in the United States is that the purchase is made in dollars, which means that both the monthly payment and the final sale are made in foreign currency. This is an excellent opportunity for countries suffering from hyperinflation or currency devaluation.


This is a Peruvian application that works for all of Latin America. Here there are possibilities to invest from 1 dollar in the largest companies in the northern country. With it, you can buy shares in the US stock market. You can buy Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, etc. But the advantage of Hapi is that as they are American companies, the payment is also in dollars, which means that if your national currency is also entering devaluation phenomena, Hapi can be a great option to safeguard savings and even get dividends. Additionally, Hapi also offers ETFs and cryptocurrencies.


This is a way to invest in a social cause. Agrapp is a Colombian platform that seeks to finance agricultural projects. Farmers who need a loan to buy and invest in inputs to grow and sell food can find Agrapp a perfect alternative. The platform finances and studies, and advises farmers to reduce risks for investors. However, like any other agricultural project, there is also risk due to climatic disasters or variations in food prices. But, in return, it is possible to support the Latin American countryside and boost food sustenance from US$230.

Invest Latam

Another alternative to diversify the portfolio is to serve as a lender. The idea of Invest Latam is that companies propose a project that needs to be financed instead of seeking money from banks. Invest Latam pools the money and lends it at better rates for both. The idea is to eliminate the role of the bank as an intermediary.

The risk is higher than many other forms of investment, but it also has high rates of return. The acquisition of each lender is a minimum of $110 (approximately), depending on each project.


This is another real estate crowdfunding in Mexico. Here, you can participate in real estate projects starting at $290 (although, depending on the offer, this may vary). With M2CROWD, the builder pays the interest generated and the initial capital after the builder completes the project. Most projects are between 14 and 36 months.

In Latin American countries, where inflation and devaluation are a daily occurrence, experts recommend investing the extra money you have. Savings are the safest way, but there is also a risk that the money will be devalued every year. Whether in fixed-rate loans, buying foreign currency, or stocks, they are a good alternative for countries such as Argentina and Venezuela, where it is impossible to save in local currency.

That is why there are different ways to invest. Although some are safer than others, there is always a risk, so it is recommended to be cautious and investigate in detail the options. In this article, we present several options. Still, at the moment of decision, the owner or the person responsible for the money should reflect and evaluate the risks and benefits in detail.

It is also essential to define the investment strategy. If the investment is short-term, the money is invested in one movement or long-term, the same capital is invested gradually. All these factors must be considered when defining the strategy, and the investor must identify the best decision (alone or with experts).

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