Apartments to Buy in Turkey: A Guide to the Best Properties

Apartments to Buy in Turkey: A Guide to the Best Properties. The Most Popular Housing Options in Turkey 2023. The Upside of a sea view Property.

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There are so many properties in the Turkish real estate market, many enough to drown good intentions and cause confusion for intending buyers. It is one thing when you have few property types to choose from, and it is another when there are myriads of property types, an endless list of available options, and countless immemorable developers’ options. Many people get lost and start wondering where to go from there.

If you are getting drowned and wondering which apartments to buy in Turkey, welcome to this blog post!

The Aim:

To inform you of the best classes of properties that you can invest in Turkey. Factors such as location, facilities, durabilities, and the market's deep secrets will be considered. 

Your Role

Your role is to read until the end and apply the principles learned from this article to your search and property purchase process.

What to Not Expect

This article will not be marketing any developer option or recommending any brand to you; it is aimed to guide you on what to look for so that you can make those decisions yourself.

The Most Popular Housing Options in Turkey 2023

Did you know that a great deal of property demand in Turkey for the year 2023 is for Sea view apartments? Tourists and indigenes place these sea-view apartments before all others because of the comfort of a mesmerizing ocean view and the premium life it offers. Sea view apartments, in this sense, come in two major ways:

  1. Properties that are situated in the city and busy areas but have a view of the ocean: The best category for this kind of property is those on the higher floors of mansions and skyscrapers. The downside is that you will have to use elevators, to get to your room all the time (which could be stressful and discouraging for introverts who hardly ever feel the need to step out), or in sad scenarios where the lift develops a fault, you had better be ready to grow some muscles just to get to your home. The upside, however, is that you get a breathtaking view of the ocean and most of the city areas around you.

  2. Properties Located at the seaside or water front: These are the most expensive category. They involve villas, townhouses, and standalone apartments that are cited right beside a water body. They not only allow you to see the ocean but also allow you to live right beside it. Please prepare at least two-times the average property cost because sea side apartments are the most expensive calibre.

To get apartments to buy in Turkey with a sea view please read more on the official website Turk.Estate.

However, what are the benefits of a sea view property? Why are people running after them and why does it seem like they are exaggerated? Read more to learn some of the upsides of having a sea view property.

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The Upside of a sea view Property

Sea view properties have many upsides worldwide, and Turkey is not an exception. Some of these upsides will now be discussed below: 

  1. It is good for the mind:  Well, for what it is worth, a sea view can sometimes heal a raging mind and help people calm down. There is nothing more soothing than having a calming view just looking through your window after a busy remote job. Or merely coming back home to that relaxing view after work. This mental calmness sometimes attracts people to rent this kind of apartment and significantly improves its worth.

  2. They make high in Demand for Holiday Homes; Sea view and seaside properties are one of the hottest in demand for holiday homes. The latter often attract people from far and wide who are looking for homes to relax and chill and, of course, experience sea life while at it. Villas, townhouses, and properties cited besides the sea are therefore always in demand in sales, in rents, for holiday visitors and tourists, etc.

  3. Highest Resale Value in Turkey: should you decide to rent or resell, it won’t be any trouble. This is one of the reasons people often opt for seaside or sea-view apartments. Other than enjoying the wonders of these beautiful property types, you can easily flip and resell or rent out the unit to a large pool of ever-ready and ever-available property buyers/ leasers waiting for that kind of property. 

  4. Great for Family hangouts: Sea Side Properties are splendid for family hangouts! If you want to play bucket-sand games, sand castles, and beach plays, a seaside property is the best. Other than town houses that will require you to go out all the time merely to hangout, a seaside property brings the fun to the family, and a lounge just in the front yard reeks of comfort and luxury.

  5. Natural Topography: Last but not least is the natural topography that you will enjoy living in a seaside apartment. If there are trees in the backyard, it even gets better! Beach houses are very natural and help people to become in harmony with nature. A feature that many other properties in busy urban areas do not have.


There you have it; with that many positive sides, it is no wonder why properties with sea views are in high demand in recent times. The majority of the people investing in Turkey do so for business purposes, and seeing that seaside properties have that much respect in the market, it is no surprise that many people will hope to achieve them. The larger the sea at the side, the higher the value of the property. A house built by the canal may not cost as much as a house built at the beach, so you can put your intended house into context!

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