Argentina will own the G20 agenda

Between November 30 and December 1, Buenos Aires will host one of the most important economic forums in the world.

Argentina will own the G20 agenda

The G20 summit, where world leaders will be discussing essential issues in our political and economic news, will take place between November 30 and December 1 and will be a historic event for the region, as it is the first time that the group of countries meet in Latin America.

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The importance of the forum is that the 19 member countries represent the world 81% of global GDP, which is equivalent to $ 65.5 billion, according to World Bank data. In addition, these States also account for 75% of total international trade, 80% of global investments.

Since the international financial crisis of 2007 and 2008, 19 leaders meet annually in some city of their member countries to discuss the different challenges in which the international system finds itself. However, Mauricio Macri invited seven more to participate in the discussions. Among these are Spain, Chile, Holland, Jamaica, Singapore, Rwanda and Senegal.

Then, in the city of Buenos Aires, 26 world leaders will be meeting to discuss various issues, especially on policies that promote economic, financial and political cooperation.

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As the South American country is the venue of the summit, Argentina set the agenda and will be leading the negotiations, which is key for the continent. In fact, Chancellor Jorge Faurie clarified the great opportunity that exists to install in the global agenda issues that are relevant not only for the country, but for the entire region.

Then, Macri said in the CCK that "we want to be the expression of an entire region, not only of our country, we are going to put this developing region in the center of the G20". Therefore, he established three priorities and one transversal to the agenda.

The central themes of this summit revolve around three cornerstones. First of all there is the infrastructure for development , because according to CNN data, estimates show that there will be 5.5 trillion dollars in the global infrastructure gap for 2035.

There will also be discussion about a sustainable food system . According to the United Nations, approximately 795 million people worldwide do not have enough food to lead a healthy life.

The future of work is another essential issue: according to the International Labor Organization (ILO), unemployment has increased every year, reaching a total of 203.8 million unemployed at this time.

Finally, a fourth issue was raised on the agenda that should be transversal to all the others: gender perspective.

An opportunity to build bilateral relations

Not only will these policies be discussed at the summit, but there will also be important bilateral meetings. For example, according to the newspaper La Tercera, Donald Trump and Macri will be meeting to cover topics such as the agreement with the IMF in relation to the economic crisis in Argentina, as well as an eventual return of this to the Organization for Cooperation and Development. Economic (OECD).

Sustainability dominated past agendas

The last edition was held between June 7 and 8, 2017 in the city of Hamburg, Germany.

During this summit, the leaders established that one of the most urgent issues to attack was the worsening of working conditions as a consequence of the reforms that have been pushed by governments in search of economic growth. For this reason, recognition was given to the importance of its own functioning in the system of labor relations in a globalized trade.

In addition, they also focused on the need to advance in the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda, since sustainability is a central axis in the current economic system.

For last year, it was essential to find a way to achieve a more equitable and sustainable development.

Finally, according to the newspaper El Perfil, the next edition of the G20 will be held in Osaka, Japan between June 28 and 29, 2019. Shinzo Abe, Japanese Prime Minister, expressed that he has "the sincere desire and the conviction that The G20 will continue to contribute to the growth and stability of the world economy, as well as measures to resolve global issues of various kinds. "


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Translated from "Argentina será dueña de la agenda del G20 "

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