Courageous Women Who Fight for the Future of Their Families

Girls learn from women their behaviors, attitudes, and work and family commitments because they are the changes and transformations of the future.

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A recent study dubbed the "2021 Women and Investing Study" by Fidelity Investments revealed women's attitudes and behaviors regarding managing their finances and investing. Data collected from the report shows a national survey of 2,400 adults, of whom 1,200 are women, and 1,200 are men. The findings indicate that the participants were over 21 years of age, with a personal income of more than $50,000. In addition, 9 out of 10 women plan to take action in the next 12 months to help their families grow their money.

The analysis shows that 69% of women would like to start investing their savings. In addition, the report states that women feel more confident in their ability to achieve future goals.

Women Depend on Family Progress To Get Ahead

A report entitled "The Progress of Women in the World 2019-2020: Families in a Changing World" published by UN Women reveals that families contribute to the empowerment of women and girls, but they are a space where their rights are often violated. However, despite everything, families are a fundamental pillar of society, as well as an environment of love and affection, the ideal space for its members to develop their identity and sense of belonging.

The study's findings indicate a remarkable advance in women's access to resources. These actions favor women with greater economic security, optimization of decision-making, and improving the well-being of the family economy. Women seek to defend their rights in the family because they are a source of love, solidarity, and cooperation. However, they are also a source of inequality and conflict. The analysis showed that families are changing and diverse since there are changes in couples and vital decisions in reproductive matters.

Anis Hidayah, the co-founder of Migrant Care, achieves a story of transformation in her life. The leader believes that in Indonesia, many families take for granted that at least one adult person has to look for work. In addition, Migrant Care helps implement systems that put their well-being in the hands of the community and ensure the inclusion of families. Migrant Care has made strides in recent years and leads us to trust that we can genuinely work towards lasting and sustainable change.

The Family Commitment That Women Have in the Family

An article called "Family Responsibility: A Gender Issue? Made by María Ángeles Hernández Prados and Begoña María Lara Guillén of the University of Murcia and published in the Journal of Social Education reveals how to question family life from a gender perspective. The text indicates that it is not a matter of fashion but a fair recognition of a socio-educational work from invisibility. In addition, the authors make some socio-cultural reflections of women as an evolution, a process of constant change.


The article concludes with the incorporation of women into the world of work to achieve the objectives of family responsibilities. These changes have not only affected women but also men, as men try to take on new domestic challenges and challenges. Therefore, specific conciliation difficulties were triggered that derived conflicts of the couple by domestic tasks. However, these actions reflect the attempts of an adoptive family that seeks an answer to a work-life balance situation.

In short, António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, believes that some institutions offer opportunities to transform the lives of women and girls to guarantee gender equality by 2030.

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