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The return to Colombia of “Javier Ospina Baraya” successful real estate consultancy, number 1 of the Eastern Europe.

Javier Delgadillo

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Ospina Baraya brings consulting and support services in sustainable investments and attractive products from the real estate sector to the country. In Eastern European countries.

The Colombian businessman returns to Colombia after 30 years of successful work in the international sphere. Ospina Baraya began her business activity in the late 1980s in Madrid, Spain. From where it expanded its activity to Romania with the aim of providing an excellent service to the Eastern European countries.

Ospina Baraya is an advisor to companies and clients in European countries such as: Spain, France, Germany, Romania, Poland, Hungary and the United Kingdom, and in other countries such as Chile, the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Javier Ospina Baraya

Dedication: the key to business success for Javier Ospina Baraya

The most important thing in life is to make you like your work and to practice it with enthusiasm. Trying to anticipate the course of the market as a first step and then knowing how to adapt to reality, this is undoubtedly for me the key in the short term, more in the long term I would say that always act with prudence and focus on continuous profitability over time, more than something sporadic. For me it is important that capital and return on investment are not only measured in the income statement, which is obviously one of the objectives, but should also serve to contribute to the improvement and development of society. Positive results in investments are only achieved with ethics that build society and of course contribute to the environment ”, says Javier Ospina Baraya.

How to identify an ethical investment?

Housing projects focused on solving situations in low-income sectors, which have a stable demand and have financial and fiscal support. Also constructions that are respectful with the environment that are energy efficient, which is reflected in the relief of final expenses that our clients will face in the future. Currently Dezvoltare Management and Consulting is working on a project with these same characteristics in Eastern Europe, together with other projects and investors in France.

Why did you decide to open an office in Latin America in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Latin America has very well-trained professionals and geographically it is the door to a huge Spanish-speaking market. I definitely believe that there are very important opportunities in the real estate market in both directions, both in Colombia or the US, and for investors who want to internationalize. Investment funds, and private equity groups, it will always be interesting to diversify your portfolios.

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Is the Latin American market reliable?

Of course: Bogotá, Santiago de Chile, Lima or Miami, are some of the cities with clients that require our services. From our international consulting company, we analyze investments and business opportunities, as well as we support companies that want to establish business relationships in Eastern Europe, which is our specialty.

Javier Ospina Baraya

Javier Ospina Baraya is passionate about international consulting

From a very young age I have lived and developed activities in various countries of the world. I started in the US, then in Costa Rica, later in Spain and Germany where I was economic attaché of the Colombian embassy and Vice-consul, respectively. During this stage as a diplomat in charge of economic and commercial issues, I represented Colombia in various international forums. Then I was a press correspondent for more than 20 years for the newspaper La República, which is a medium specialized in economic issues, I was also a businessman in the real estate sector for more than 30 years. The accumulation of knowledge and experience has been transformed into a database and business development models, this led us to make our specialized consulting services available to investors and companies.

How do you see your native Colombia after almost 30 years abroad?

Colombia has changed a lot and is improving little by little. This is an immensely rich country, but with great deficiencies. However, it has very capable and hardworking people. Colombia has great opportunities, precisely because there is much to do on the path to growth. Your infrastructure has improved and can improve further as your economy grows.

Javier Ospina Baraya

From his time as president of the Association of Foreign Press Correspondents

Without a doubt a great experience, very enriching. On the one hand, the entire board together worked to modernize the association and put it back in its place. ACPE was founded in 1923, therefore it is almost 100 years old and it is one of the oldest press associations in Spain. On the other hand, it gave me the opportunity to meet journalists from many media and countries, in addition to obtaining international contacts with people, governments and entities of great importance.

DEZVOLTARE MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTING has been characterized as a consultancy focused on the real estate market that seeks to add value in the social and environmental aspects. The consulting firm has been internationally recognized for being one of the companies most committed to its environment and its vocation towards the common and responsible good.

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