Gallery: Money in Latin America. The Most Beautiful Banknotes in the Region

Coins and money in Latin America are a reflection of the cultural, natural, and historical riches of each country. These are some of the cutest bills in the area.

Banknotes from Paraguay, Costa Rica and Colombia

Photo: Latin American Post

LatinAmerican Post | Santiago Gómez Hernández

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Banknotes represent the economy of a country, but their designs represent much more. Each banknote design brings with it its art, its culture, its history, and its own identity. It doesn’t matter if they call it “lucas”, “duros”, “pasta”, “guita” or “silver”, each banknote has a greater symbolic load than we think and in these pieces of paper, we find a piece of each country.

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Many times we think about how valuable 100 dollars or 500 euros can be, but the beauty behind Latin American banknotes implies greater wealth. This is why we made a selection of some of the most artistic and beautiful banknotes in Latin America.

Although these are just pieces of paper and cotton, Latin American banknotes are a clear example of the historical, natural, and cultural wealth of each of the countries. However, currently, 3 countries in the region do not have their own currency and have nowhere to capture the beauty of their legacy in the national currency. These are Ecuador, Panama, and El Salvador, which currently have a dollarized economies.

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