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The Woman Post reveals the 8 secrets of successful women who extraordinarily manage their time. Come and know how to do it and propose to transform your life into success.

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Recently a study called "Management and distribution of time of Women and Men in Peru" carried out by the Socially Responsible Leadership Research Center; Woman and Equity of Centrum PUCP revealed diagnoses about the time of the daily activities that people perform. The research gave excellent results thanks to the collaboration of Beatrice Avolio, author of this publication, together with Silvia Loli, Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations of Peru, and Percy Marquina, Director of the CENTRUM PUCP.

The data collected from the report indicate that women spend 49.8 hours on paid work, while men spend 57.9 hours. However, women spend 33.6 hours on unpaid work, while men spend 16.3 hours. This difference, not only harms women, in terms of hours worked, but also incomes are reduced considerably at the end of the month. In addition, the findings show that women spend 83.4 hours on household or personal activities, however, men only spend 74.3 hours, which is, 11% less than women.

Beatrice Avolio, Ph.D. in Business Administration from the Maastricht School of Management believes that there is very little interest in science at the school level and analyses the factors that prevent greater participation of women in science and technology. In addition, it suggests that at the university level few women opt for this activity. On the other hand, she expresses that she presented a comprehensive initiative on the topic of Women in Science, which emphasizes programs by categories of women, that is, girls, students, researchers, and professionals.

Alexandra Barragán, Coach of time management and productivity, specializing in Business Management, suggests accompanying you on your way to being a leader in your life and your time. His career got that many people are already taking their first step to moving to the next level. They intend intention is to work so that you can be more productive, improve your business, and have a positive and successful mentality.

Paola Pozzi, Systemic Coach, and Gender Consultant consider in her post that stress is the result of the misuse of our time. However, stress depends only on how we see the circumstances. However, with its program, it can guide you to be aware of those factors that affect the effective and serene way in which you can solve your problems.

Top 8 Secrets to Managing Your Time as a Leader

Recently the web portal Meetwork published a study called "Time Management: Being More Productive in 2022" which revealed that time management is the skill that is required to develop in your personal and professional life. Women leaders consciously know how to manage their time and implement proper management. However, digital tools make women an abundance of distractions and influence their agility to manage time. That is why The Woman Post reveals the 8 secrets to managing time in an effective and above all conscious way.

  1. Implement a work calendar in your daily routine. Calendars not only work, but personal ones allow you to organize. The balance you get from this tool makes you move faster in your obligations.
  2. Schedule reminders on your Smartphone to continue with the daily work plan. Agendas are also excellent organizational strategies and above all reminders, in addition, very useful for today's technological woman.
  3. Define your weekly plan and if it is monthly much better. Designing a weekly plan will take away things that aren't in it. Practice it daily and then you increase your time, weekly or monthly.
  4. Avoid Multitasking. Some experts consider that Multitasking is an enemy of productivity because you have the full capacity to concentrate. Pay attention to your activity and you will notice the change and increase in productivity.
  5. Avoid distractions. It's important to know that distractions are a serious problem in your productivity. That is why you should avoid all costs, mobile phones or cell phones while you work. Keep in mind that WhatsApp, email, and social media accounts, are distracting factors.
  6. Saying no is the best strategy you can use. It is important to know how to measure the work you have and say no to jobs that come to you. That will not make you get better quality in your jobs.
  7. Delegate some activities. Sometimes it is good to get help not only personally, but also at work.
  8. Practice the secrets learned. The Woman Post suggests you put into practice the 8 keys that will make your productivity 100%.

Forcefully, a group of women such as Laura Castellana, a Librarian, and Master in eLearning, and Angélica María Montañaa , Business Administrator, have a Blog called "Make it Happen Journal" with articles that reveals tips to have successful habits or enhance your productivity, even, a compendium of methods to improve your effectiveness and manage your time. That is why The Woman Post gives you a variety of articles to achieve success.

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