Peru plans to allocate the highest budget in 12 years for order and security in 2024

The government of Peru plans to allocate a record budget of 16,213 million soles (approximately 4,335 million dollars or 3,973 million euros) for public order tasks over the next year.

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Historical Budget for Security

The Government of Peru plans to allocate 16,213 million soles (4,335 million dollars or 3,973 million euros) next year, the highest budget in the last twelve years, for order and security tasks, one of the main demands of the Peruvian population.

The information was offered by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) while the State Ministers began to present this Thursday before the plenary session of Congress the details of the public budget bill for 2024, which amounts in total to 241,000 million soles. (64,473 million dollars or 59,068 million euros).

Focus on Order and Safety

When supporting the budget of his sector before the plenary session of Congress, the Minister of the Interior, Víctor Torres, indicated that the intention is to intensify police operations and the execution of new strategies to combat crime, with the aim of reducing the incidence of crime. at the national level.

Torres explained that these strategies will be focused on reducing victimization, strengthening citizen security, and increasing the quality of police services for the population, within the framework of the Multiannual Strategic Plan 2022-2026.

The minister said that to develop these plans, the resources of the Ministry of the Interior (Mininter) and the National Police (PNP) will be directed to the creation and implementation of new criminal investigation brigades, and police stations at the national level and for the execution of police operations.

Results and Anti-Drug Operations

He detailed that the budget implies an increase of 63.1 million soles compared to 2023, planned for the implementation of flagrante delicto units and the fight against illegal mining, extortion, contract killings, arms trafficking, human trafficking, and illicit drug trafficking, among other crimes.

Torres also reported that during the third quarter of this year, 4,070 anti-drug operations have been carried out in the country, which has allowed the dismantling of 96 organizations linked to illicit drug trafficking.

In addition, 978 operations have been carried out against illegal mining 41,405 people were arrested with charges for various crimes, and another 167,018 in the commission of criminal acts, in addition to 10,762 stolen vehicles being recovered.

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The Council of Ministers, headed by Prime Minister Alberto Otárola, supported this Thursday the national budget bill for 2024, 12% higher than the previous year and with substantial increases in resources allocated to health, education, protection social and citizen security.

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