South America Has Better Airports than Mexico

Despite the fact that Mexico is the largest tourist destination in all of Latin America, its airports appear to be in significant disrepair. Several countries in South America surpass the Aztec country with more modern ports .

El Dorado Airport and José Chávez Airport

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The World Airport Awards once again brought out the list of the best airports in the world. In the region, many terminals in South America stood out. The list took sanitary services, charging areas for cell phones or mobile devices, restaurant areas, security, VIP rooms, stores, among other elements, as meters. According to the list, the best airports in Latin America are in South America. Countries like Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Argentina top the list.

Bogotá, El Dorado

The El Dorado Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento International Airport is the main airport of entry and exit in Colombia. It is remodeled and is one of the most modern in the entire region. It is considered the best in all of Latin America, ranked 37th among the 100 worldwide.

Globally, it is ranked 4th as the best airport, with traffic of between 30 and 40 million passengers per year. It is only surpassed by Singapore Changi, Doha Hamad and Munich. El Dorado ranks better than London's Gatwick, Toronto Pearson's and Mumbai's.

Quito, Mariscal Sucre

Quito Airport is ranked 40th worldwide. It is considered the best regional airport in South America, with the best equipment and the cleanest. In addition, it is the second-best airport with traffic of less than 5 million. Outperformed by Centrair Nagoya, but better rated than City of London or Christchurch. Guayaquil airport also entered the top 10 of this list, located in 9th place.

Lima, Jorge Chávez

The airport of the Peruvian capital is the arrival gate for millions of tourists who visit the Andean country every year. Peru, as one of the main tourist destinations in the region, needs a terminal of international stature. According to the Skytrax ranking, it is ranked 89th in the world and third in the region. It has a wide range of services, such as banks, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.

Panama, the King of Central America and the Caribbean

The Panamanian airport of Tocumen is one of the main ones in all of Latin America due to its remarkable connectivity. Being the operations center of the Copa Airlines, it moves numerous foreign passengers. It is the winner of the best in all of Central America and the Caribbean.

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San Jose, Juan Santamaria

The San José airport, in Costa Rica, performed outstandingly in different aspects. For example, it is the 6 airport with the greatest improvement from last year, only behind Shenzhen, La Guardia, Da Nang, Sofia and Sapporo. Likewise, it has the best group of personnel in Central America and the Caribbean, above Panama.

Absence of Mexican Airports

In the list, the great absentee is Mexico. The country with the largest amount of foreign tourism and one of the largest markets in the region does not appear on the list. This, despite having important ports such as the Benito Juárez International Airport in Mexico City or the Cancun Airport.

But the abandonment of these terminals weighs heavily. The Mexican YouTube Luisito Comunica even denounced the deterioration of machines and bathrooms in Benito Juárez. Likewise, the absence of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA), one of the main public works of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, also stands out. The airport has been operating since March 2022. Although it has not been in operation for a year, its modernity is expected to place it as one of the main airports, even in the regional category. But, recently, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) denounced deficiencies in infrastructure in the new terminal.


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