This is how Alberto Fernández would handle the Argentine debt

The eyes of the creditors are set on the favorite candidate to win the elections of the Latin American country

The Peronist candidate Alberto Fernández

The Peronist candidate Alberto Fernández. / Via REUTERS

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The economic crisis in Argentina has set off the alarms of the creditors, especially because on October 27 the presidential elections will be held. The winner of the electoral contest will be in charge of dealing with the debt of the Latin American country, not only in the payments that must be made but in the revival of the economy.

In the first round, the Peronist candidate Alberto Fernández, whose vice-presidential formula is former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, won the victory over the current president Mauricio Macri. This situation alarmed the creditors even more, producing a crisis of confidence and creating concern for investors.

However, the candidate has been in charge of appeasing fears. In his Twitter account, through several posts, Fernández clarified the way he plans to handle the debt:

Argenitna has to pay its debt if it wants to grow: the president says that the way in which Argentina can settle its debts is through growth. And how does a country grow in economic matters? According to Fernández, through exports or acquiring debts. The second option is no longer viable, so the Argentina must expand its export margin.



Less interest rates and better salaries: in addition to growing imports, the favorite candidate to win the presidency ensures that the economy is reactivated by "recomposing wages." In order to improve salary conditions, companies must have lower interest rates so that they can increase their productivity.



Everyone must contribute: the crisis is not just experienced by the president or the businessmen. Just as the economic crisis affects the country in general, the whole country should solve it. Fernández says that "we must reach an agreement that puts on the table the condition in which we are and see how we get out of this."

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