This Is the Business Facet of Maluma, One of the Most Influential Latinos

Not everything is music in the life of Juan Luis Londoño, better known as Maluma. The Colombian singer is one of the most influential people in Latin America and has a very interesting business facet .


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To speak of Maluma is to refer to a talented, award-winning singer and figure of the urban genre. To speak of Juan Luis Londoño Arias is to mention a visionary, inspiring businessman with the versatility to invest in any business area. As is already known, they are both the same person: the common thing in their two profiles is that success does not get out of their way.

In recent days, the Bloomberg Line news agency published a list of the 500 most influential people in Latin America for their participation in the economic contribution of their countries. In it, 49 Colombians stand out, of which Maluma appears as the only artist among so many investors. That, without a doubt, makes us understand that the man born in Medellín has a very fascinating business facet.

Maluma himself has confessed in various interviews that he grew up in an environment full of people linked to business, including his father. That is why it is not uncommon to see him stand out outside the music scene, since his entrepreneurial side has evolved along with his artistic life. And it is that, as he points out, not everything is about making money, but about inspiring new generations to fulfill their dreams.

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Your Most Recent Business Project

During the month of August, Maluma summoned several media outlets in New York for the launch of Contraluz mezcal, an alcoholic beverage that is already being distributed in Mexico and seeks to expand to Europe. It is worth mentioning that the Colombian began as the image of the brand, but after his outstanding investment he became a co-owner.

This mezcal is described as a 100% handmade crystalline distilled beverage. Its ingredients include nuts, vanilla, citrus and green agave. In addition, part of its process consists of resting for six months in oak barrels and then being filtered through activated carbon. The price of the 700 ml bottle is 929 pesos (46 dollars).

Alliance with Rappi

At the beginning of the year, Maluma joined Rappi as his new image, ambassador, and partner in a very promising alliance. The artist commented to Forbes that he would join the creative, cultural and communication areas, with the aim that the company continue to cross borders and become known throughout the world. But beyond that, the main intention is to generate economic momentum in the region and also serve as an inspiration for future entrepreneurs.

The Colombian multinational company, founded in 2015, has a wide portfolio of partners, collaborators and commercial allies, not to mention that its digital application has been downloaded more than 100 million times. As its investors announced a year ago, Rappi increased its valuation from 2,000 million dollars to 5,200 million dollars , a figure that will possibly grow again by the end of 2022 with the improvement and expansion of its services.

Foray Into Fashion

In his beginnings as a singer, Maluma came to design a clothing line that he sold in Colombia at affordable prices. After that small step and his consecration in the world of music, his love for fashion did not stop growing, and he opened a virtual store, Shop Maluma, where he offers different accessories and clothes around his figure. Prices range from $25 (masks and underwear) to $80 (sweatshirts).

For his part, in 2021 he marked a milestone by becoming the first Latin American artist to collaborate with the French house Balmain. There he designed a line of 10 limited-edition garments featuring t-shirts, pants, boots, and blazers. The collection called "Maluma x Balmain" has prices ranging from 350 euros to 1,750 euros.

It also has its line of perfumes. "The King and Queen Collection" presents a collection of four fragrances inspired by the power of precious stones (garnet, amethyst, onyx, and jade), which are available on its official site, Royalty by Maluma, for a price of 45 dollars.

Featured Investments

The business vision of the Colombian seems to have no limits. One of its most notable investments is associated with the real estate platform La Haus, an online home buying and selling firm in Colombia and Mexico. In July 2021, several businessmen injected good capital into this business, including Maluma. The singer made an investment of 50 million dollars.

In fact, through this startup, the artist announced that he has plans to build housing for the homeless in Medellín. In principle, the contribution would be 1 million dollars and with a view to the project being extended to more Colombian cities.

On the other hand, the Trebel platform also has the economic contribution of Maluma, who also became an advisor to the executive director. This company, specialized in downloading music, has a valuation of 200 million dollars. Thanks to the incorporation of the singer, they raised about 45 million dollars in the last round of financing. The idea of this alliance is to expand the service in Latin America.

Also, following the technological line, the Oppo device company announced at the beginning of the year its collaboration with Maluma by making him an ambassador for its Reno cell phone line. It is worth mentioning that the rapid growth of the brand has led it to be the fourth brand of smartphones with the highest sales in Mexico so far in 2022.

Royalty World Inc, his home

And as every good businessman should have, Maluma also has his own house: Royalty World Inc. Several businesses emerge from here that promise to achieve success and global recognition in the short term. One of them is the record label Royalty Records, which serves as a platform for new music talents to shine and make themselves known. Until now, Abril Singer and Paulina B are the first to be part of the artists' catalog.

For its part, Royalty Films is the production house that will carry out multiple projects between music, cinema, television, and commercials. With this, Maluma's intention is to continue entering the world of audiovisual direction and production, in addition to lending a hand to young creatives who are starting out in the medium. Without a doubt, this is just the beginning of the successful business facet of one of the most influential Colombians in Latin America.

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