Twitter and Women, What Will It Offer?

Surely some of us wonder what the Twitter social network's attraction is for Elon Musk to have decided to buy it since its niche is much smaller than Facebook, Tik Tok or Instagram.

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Let's review the figures of this social network created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass.

According to the latest statistics, Twitter has 211 million monetizable daily active users (mDAU), 500 million tweets are posted daily with 350,000 tweets every minute and 23% of the internet population uses Twitter.


83% of world leaders are on Twitter, generating a series of interactions and influences of opinion that are relevant in society and decision-making.

Twitter says that 80% of its users are "rich millennials", which, due to their high purchasing power, for prestigious and high-end brands, maybe the opportunity to promote an interesting strategy and thus increase their sales and guide your product portfolio.

40% of Twitter users reported buying something after seeing it on Twitter.

Regarding the use of this network by gender, WeAreSocial figures show that 31.5% are women and 68.5% are men.


However, if Elon Musk wanted to increase the female population who wrote tweets, and generated retweets, he should propose a substantial change, since images, videos, new content and the opportunity to create or belong to a community are what most engage the genre. female and for this reason they are more active on Instagram, where the percentage of female users is 49.3%.

Themes that allow learning, establishing connections, sharing content, and usability, are predominant aspects when a woman selects a social network.

In reality, women consume more content on social networks than men.

According to Soraya Fragueiro, Social Media Strategist of ConnectAmericas, the more active participation of women and adolescents is due in part to emotional aspects that prevail in each action they carry out on social networks; even when shopping. "That's why many brands and institutions have strategies to reach women directly with messages that use emotional photos, warm colors, direct but friendly language and videos with catchy but sophisticated music," says this expert.

These are the profiles of current users on Twitter according to surveys:

• 65% like to try new products

• 61% tell family and friends about new products and services

• 52% have high brand recognition

• 69% are loyal to the brands they like

• 80% want to continue learning new skills throughout their lives

• 73% are interested in other countries and cultures

• 36% want to be up to date with the latest trends in fashion

• 74% take care of their image and appearance.

The new owner of this social network has a great challenge ahead of it to increase sustainability, give it a fresh air of renewal, and, above all, if it wants to attract a greater number of female users, it must innovate and offer innovative and striking options.

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