Which would be the next Latin Americans 4 unicorns?

Hernán Kazah, co-founder of Kaszek Ventures, reveals the next Latin American unicorns that would join Rappi and NuBank

Which would be the next Latin Americans 4 unicorns?

The co-founder of Kaszek Vetures, Hernán Kazah, chose and decided to invest in 4 Latin American companies that, according to him, are the prospects of the best companies in the region. Konfío, Creditas, Gympass and Loggi Tecnologia are the chosen ones. We must remember that Nubank is one of the companies that Kaszek Ventures bet on and today it has reached a valuation of 4 billion dollars.

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In recent years, Latin America has proven to be one of the most fertile ground for venture capital investors to bet on startups in the region that promise innovation and rapid growth. This is the case of the venture capital company Kaszek Ventures, which is oriented to partner with companies focused on high impact technology to provide "capital and experience and knowledge regarding strategies, operational execution, team building, company growth. , technology, products and networking", according to the profile of the company on the BNAmericas page.

These are the companies in which Kaszak Ventures has decided to invest in this occasion:

1. Konfío: It is a fintech Mexican company (of Financial Technology) that has been operating since 2013. It specializes in making online credits for independent professionals or for medium and small businesses that have at least 3 months of billing. From the development of a proprietary algorithm, the user can evaluate their financial risk in minutes and, if approved, the credit is made between 24 and 72 hours. Konfío has stood out for having a very good communication and monitoring of its users, in addition to having a very complete and above all easy to use interface.

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2. Creditas: It is a Brazilian company with an online platform specialized in secured loans. It aims to reduce the burdens of the financial debts of its users and considerably lower the interest rate of the loans it makes. From the guarantee system, they allow the user to use a good as warranty, which implies a risk, but Creditas is in charge of offering much lower rates in order to reduce the risk of delinquency, according to its website. Being a digital platform, the whole process is much simpler and faster, so users have received it very well.

3. Gympass: This is a global company that has been very well received in several Latin American countries, especially in Mexico. It is an app whose goal is to promote a change of life for its users by offering companies a network of gyms for their employees, with which they can have access to a flexible schedule between company, employee and gym. The idea is that the companies that access the Gympass service can offer it to their employees as a welfare program, so it would be an additional benefit to work. The employee happens to have a membership that gives him access to several gyms in his city with training and exercise programs that adapt to his level.

4. Loggi Tecnologia: It is a Brazilian company whose main objective is to connect independent messengers with customers that use express messaging. This facilitates the messenger to manage their time in a much more flexible and reach agreements with customers to make the delivery process easier. In addition, the app also has a location system to calculate the fastest routes for the messenger to reach its destination. The attractiveness of Loggi lies in the job opportunities it has created for couriers, who can adapt their work schedules as they wish and in the reduction of time, they have managed for deliveries: while a normal delivery takes 2 hours to collect for the delivery. courier, deliveries made with Loggi take 7 minutes to collect, so the independent courier has more opportunities to double your income.


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