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IN ARGENTINE cities, piropos, or catcalls, are as common a sound as honks and sirens. They can be as subtle as the pop of a kiss from a lorry driver or as menacing as a shout of, “Oh God, if I got my hands on you…” Some men think these are compliments.
There is growing evidence that high levels of intense exercise may be cardiotoxic and promote permanent structural changes in the heart, which can, in some individuals, predispose them to experience arrhythmias.
The Colombian economy grew 2% for the 2nd trimester of 2016, numbers this low had not been seen for 7 years, however, there is no need for extreme measures.
According to the 2012 census, Paraguay has more than 112.000 natives...
If Trump wins, Mexico could revert to anti-American populist policies that would hurt U.S. anti-drug cooperation, trade and investments.
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