Renewable energy also harms the environment

Did you know that renewable energy also affects the environment? Find out the pollution these leave to the planet

Did you know sustainable energy can be made from diapers?

The Dutch company ARN announced that it will use the used baby diapers to produce four eco-friendly products. Discover which ones

Did you know that cooking with wood and coal could kill you?

WHO warns that using these types of materials when cooking can be equivalent to breathing the smoke of 400 cigarettes

Solar panels in El Dorado airport: a step in the right direction

Last September, the airport of the Colombian capital announced that part of its energy will be produced with more than 10 thousand solar panels

What is nuclear energy and why is its production celebrated?

Argentina is the Latin American country leader in the generation of nuclear energy

Does a tiny mollusk have the solution to climate change?

A marine animal from the northeast sea of ​​the United States is able to survive through photosynthesis

Buildings that save the planet: which are the best in Latin America?

These 5 buildings were designed and built not only to be beautiful and functional, but also with green awareness

Is fracking the most harmful form of energy production?

According to a new study, it is one of the least sustainable options for producing electricity

Environment: Is clean coal a reality?

Donald Trump talks about "beautiful clean coal", but South Africa may be years ahead of USA in making the dream come true

The Wayuu descendant who bets on his community

A Santandereano from Father Wayuu designs a method of pumping water to bring this liquid to his community with solar energy

Scientists develop first solar reactor that works at night

According to researchers, this new tool will be key to 100% clean energy production

The Netherlands will have the first solar power plant in the sea

This country hopes to have the plant ready in 3 years, which can generate up to 15% more energy than other panels

Gas: a broken bridge between coal and green energies

Everything indicates that renewable energies will dominate before the thought

Is Colombia's future solar energy?

Candidates in the presidential race contemplate the future of solar energy in the country

Bolivia bets for the renewal energy

Bolivia bets for the renewal energy

The South American country is constructing its biggest solar plant that will have 200.000 solar panels

When the sun meets the water

When the sun meets the water

The Latin American solar revolution is a great opportunity to adopt environmental policies that include the water-energy nexus

Florida has the world´s first solar-powered town

Florida has the world´s first solar-powered town

The city located three hours away from Miami, has an area of solar panels equivalent to 200 soccer fields

'Mining' of BitCoins jeopardises the environment

'Mining' of BitCoins, check the environment

Chile bets on renewable energies

Chile bets on renewable energies

International renewable energy companies are interested in producing clean energy for the South American country

What would happen if there is a nuclear war?

What would happen if there is a nuclear war?

The results would be devastating to all living beings

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