Google: headphones for instant translation

One of Google’s newest creations will allow you to understand 40 different languages without needing to learn them

Google: headphones for instant translation

During the Made by Google event, the multinational technology company presented its new creations such as the new versions of Google Home, the Google clips camera and the cell phones Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL as well as the Pixel Buds earbuds. The Pixel Buds are smart wireless headphones that, following the recent trend in mobile phones, ditch the cable connection in favor of a bluetooth connection, even though they still have a cable that connects the left and right earbuds in order to prevent users from losing them. The earbuds will work together with the Google Assitant app, which will allow the users to access various functions from their smartphones such as calls, text messages, control the volume and play music by using voice commands or a little touch pad integrated in the right earbud.

The most interesting characteristic of these headphones is the real time translation of 40 different languages. According to Google, by connecting the headphones to a Pixel 2 smartphone, these will allow people to communicate with each other without the need of speaking each other’s language, since the earbuds will hear what the other person is saying and play a translation into the user’s ear. Also, the user can reply and the speakers of their smartphone will play the translation aloud. To demonstrate this function, Google presented a conversation between two people with one speaking english and the other swedish.

Real time translation has been an objective that many companies, including Skype and Pilot, have strived towards, and it has even been the subject of science fiction novels, but now it seems to be very close to becoming a reality

So far, the colors available for the Pixel Buds are white, black, and blue. They are due to release in november of this year in the United States with a price tag of 159 dollars.


Latin American Post | Alan Rosas González

Copy edited by Laura Rocha Rueda

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