4 Tips for Having a Sustainable Christmas

The December Auction is One of the Times of the Year that Generates the Most Impact on the Environment. What Tips can be Applied to Reduce it? Here we tell you How to Have a Sustainable Christmas.

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Today Christmas holiday is celebrated in most of the Christian world, there is a pending season with ecology. The activation of the economy in different aspects leaves an environmental impact that is difficult to mitigate and that is growing with the consumerism exerted by society.

Therefore, it is important to take into account several details before spending a good time with family and friends during Christmas. Next, we leave some recommendations so that you can celebrate this time of year in the best way with an eco-sustainable purpose that is based on small achievable actions.


Gifts are a fundamental part of Christmas. The economy at this time of year moves due to the high demand for presents that people buy. The wrapping is a crucial part of the rite that takes place on Christmas Eve. That is why it is recommended to use paper or recycled material to wrap them.

Another practice that can be put into operation is the popular “stolen gift” game. The game consists in that, during the Christmas gathering, each person brings a gift, and they are put in a pile. Taking turns, one person will choose a gift from the pile and the next person can choose a gift from the pile or steal the gift from the person before them until everyone is left with a gift. That prevents everyone from buying each person a gift.

In the case of children, it is very common for them to ask for a pet as a gift. In this case, it is essential that, instead of buying, you adopt a homeless animal. We also recommend trying to give plastic-free gifts or, failing that, giving experiences such as concert tickets or restaurant dinners.


The Christmas tree is a fundamental part of the celebration. The invitation is that, if they buy the plastic tree, it is used for at least 10 Christmases to avoid its mass production. As for the decorations, it is also recommended to make them with recyclable materials.

Lights are another element that decorates Christmas. Therefore, it is preferable that the bulbs used for the lights are made with LED technology.

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The 'fast fashion' has been a theme that each season affects the environment. The Christmas wardrobe also makes this practice and the production of garments grow. That is why it is recommended to be aware when buying a garment during these dates.

If the desire is to buy new clothes, it is better to use sustainable textiles such as organic cotton garments. They can be garments in recycled cotton, linen, silk, organic wool or hemp. In the event that the garments are of synthetic origin, ensure that they are made of polyester or recycled nylon.

Another of the alternatives that can be used for Christmas and New Year's clothing is the purchase of second-hand clothing. On several virtual platforms, you can already buy or exchange garments to reduce the environmental impact with the textile industry this year.

Christmas dinner

During Christmas, there is a lot of food waste with the dinners that each family has. In many cases there is an exaggeration with the food that is put on the table and many of them end up in the trash. We recommend you do calculations carefully when making dinner.

Since the foods that prevail are of animal origin, the first recommendation is to choose to look for alternatives with vegan dinners. If this is not the case, ensure that food of animal origin is not beef, since cows are the animals that generate the most gases.

One last important tip for Christmas dinners is to consume the foods that have their harvest during this season of the year. In this way, the food that occurs during the season is used, and the energy spent on growing food that is out of season is reduced.

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