5 companies with incredible welfare plans

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Having a good welfare plan for your company is the best way to ensure an excellent work environment. Find out here 5 companies that can inspire you

5 companies with incredible welfare plans

Big companies are aware that they must keep their workers happy and in good condition so that their work is better and, in that order, the company has an effective growth. That is why there are work welfare plans, which are measures taken to improve the quality of life of employees. In LarinAmerican Post we present you 5 companies whose work welfare plans can inspire you.

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1. Google

Google is one of the companies focused on the most recognized technology in the world, which it is recognized not only for its good products or because its web browser is the most famous in the world, but also because it is known that they are very careful with their workers and create spaces for them to keep happy and encouraged. In addition, Google has work welfare plans that make employees want to stay in the company. The company is known for its comfortable resting areas, its free healthy food stands or its laundry services, etc.

One of the best is that of maternity leave because they give five months of this with the common remuneration and benefits. The best thing about this is that the mothers can choose if they are going to take the five months at once because they can also save some months for when the baby is bigger. In addition, they give seven weeks with remuneration and benefits to workers who have just become parents.


The Danish toy company, one of the most loved and recognized in the world, is committed to creativity. The company's work welfare plan basically consists in having its employees explore their creativity from the game, so they have the time to work focused on visiting museums, playing in their games rooms or even in their Legoland amusement park.

That is why there is no supervisor strictly monitoring what each employee does with their time because it is the employees who manage it and use it in a unique way to increase their creativity and achieve problem-solving.

3. Netflix

The company, also known as the biggest streaming platform, is recognized for the freedom it gives its employees. The first thing is that, like LEGO, there is no regulation of time, because employees can have their time as they want as long as they deliver results on a specific date.

On the other hand, in addition to not having a dress code, there are gyms in the company that are always available to all employees. They are always insisting that these be used so that workers maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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4. Fitbit

This is a 'wearable technology' company, that is, electronic and intelligent accessories that are worn with clothes. Fitbit products are focused on recording the physical activity of users, so they have created a work welfare plan that consists on competitions of kilometers walked or stretches traveled for their employees to have fun and to stay fit and healthy.

In addition, according to the portal Expoknews, Wednesdays are days used to train different disciplines. The best thing about Fitbit is that it has provided this type of welfare plan to other companies, which means that more and more companies are concerned about the health of their employees.

5. Earth Friendly Products

This is a company that is dedicated to being responsible with the environment. It is a brand of hypoallergenic detergent that, unlike other detergents, has a production focused on taking care of the earth and not generating more damage.

Their commitment is so much that even their work welfare plans are focused on their employees can have a more sustainable lifestyle, so, according to the portal Expoknews, employees have in their headquarters an organic garden where they can grow their food. They also have economic incentives for those who want to change their car for a sustainable one and have an exchange plan for utensils to be reused among employees.

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