6 applications that will make your life easier

These are the six applications that you did not know you needed on your cell phone

6 applications that will make your life easier

The quick evolution of information and communication technologies, in the last decades, have us living a scenario that was only imaginable 30 to 40 years ago. For those of us who were were born from the 90s onward, it's difficult for us to appreciate the everyday comforts that are only possible thanks to the accelerated growth of the technological industry, because we have always had these amenities, literally, at the reach of our hands. 

It is hard to realize that currently an unprecedented number of tools, experiences, knowledge, powers and possibilities have been reduced to the size of a device that goes daily from our pocket to our hand and back, again and again, to access to apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, Candy Cruch, Google Drive, Tinder, Pokemon Go, etcetera.

However, among the absurd amount of applications offered by the historical moment in which we live, there are also thousands of applications with dispensable services, non functional or that are directly garbage. Therefore, we have given ourselves the task of looking for needles in the hayloft and this article is dedicated to recommend six applications that will make life much easier.

* The list is not organized hierarchically and all the applications that appear here are equally recommendable.

1. Alarmy (Sleep if U can)

By its name, one might think that you already know everything there is to know about what this application offers, but Alarmy may surprise us. Alarmy promises to get you out of bed from the moment your alarm sounds, because the only way to stop it is by taking a photo of an item anywhere in your house that you have previously selected.

2. Wally

Wally works as a personal finance and expense management system. This application aims to take care of your pocket and help you regulate your financial movements; it does so by keeping an exact record of each expense you make in the day, where and with whom.


3. Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles is created to help you with a natural and non-invasive contraceptive method of intimacy. This application is designed to calculate the menstrual cycle patterns of your user and, by measuring body temperature, determine whether or not you are on a fertile day.


4. 30/30

This application shines by being the best option to organize and manage the time investment of the tasks that we have in the day. 30/30 helps us to focus our attention on the performance of daily tasks, regulating the time we must invest in each one.


5. Calm

Through relaxing music and pleasant images in sight, Calm offers you a moment of temperance and meditation that you can take advantage of to take a break from your daily activities, give yourself a space to be with yourself and clear the cognitive convulsions to continue the day with weighing.


6. Rappi

Rappi is a Colombian application that has gained popularity very quickly due to the service it offers. Rappi is the easiest way to make the necessary purchases without leaving the place where you are. The boys and girls of Rappi will take to the comfort of your home almost any daily product that you require.

Those who have taken care of designing and producing the applications that you find here and, the others that we probably ignore, have exploited the partial dependence that contemporary societies have developed on the use of devices such as mobile phones, because they understand that there are aspects of everyday life that can be reduced to a couple of touches to the screen of your cell phone, making life something less and less expensive.


Latin American Post | Rafael Gutiérrez 

Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

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