6 Things to Consider When Sending Your Child to Camp

Summer camps can be a formative experience for many kids. They offer an opportunity for kids to make friends and develop social skills, gain independence, and sharpen their skills and abilities. 

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However, choosing a camp can be challenging for parents, especially if it’s their child’s first time attending. Here are some things for parents to consider when sending their children to camp.

Age of the child 

Your child’s age is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a camp experience for them. 

If your child is very young, they may not be ready for an overnight camp experience. Additionally, younger children may be unable to participate in some of the activities offered at camp. Call the camp authorities and ask about their age criteria before enrolling your child.  


Camps can range in price from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Ideally, parents should use their savings to pay for camp. But when funds fall short, you can get some extra help from a payday loan in Canada. 

Depending on the camp you choose and your own financial situation, you may be eligible for financial assistance programs for families who cannot afford the full cost of the camp.

Length of stay 

Overnight camps can range from one week to eight weeks in length. Day camps are typically shorter, lasting only a few days or weeks. Choose one that aligns with your family schedule, taking into account the length of your child’s break and any other family activities (such as vacations).

With sleepaway camp, you’ll also need to consider how comfortable your child is being away from you for long periods. A child with a stay-at-home parent (or whose parents work from home) may get stressed and feel that they’re not ready for overnight camp. They may prefer a day camp. 


The location of the camp is also an important consideration. Camps are located all over the country. Whether you choose a local camp or one that’s all the way across the country will depend on your child. The right choice will come down to their age, level of independence, interests, and preferences. 

If your child is going to a day camp, you want it to be close enough so it’s convenient for daily drop-off and pick-up. 

Activities offered 

Most camps offer a variety of activities, such as swimming, hiking, arts and crafts, and sports. But parents can also enroll their kids in camps encouraging special interests, such as space or science camps.  

Let your kid be part of researching available options so they can learn about the different activities available. Parents may have their own ideas of what camp is the best, but it’s important to cater to your kid’s likes and dislikes too. Let them choose a camp that offers activities they will enjoy and that will help them grow and develop new skills. 

Reviews of the camp

Look up reviews of the camp online by previous attendees and parents. 

Pay close attention to any reviews that highlight safety and supervision concerns, cleanliness, etc. It will probably be impossible to find a camp with perfect reviews, but you’re looking for one with mostly good reviews. 

The negative reviews should not focus on serious matters like safety, security, or food. However, minor complaints about activities and schedules will not detract from your child’s camp experience.  


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