6 Ways to Invest in Yourself

When we remain stagnant, we miss out on fantastic opportunities and a chance to discover new aspects of ourselves. Here are some tips to start investing in yourself.

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Investing in yourself means new growth opportunities. This will also help you to solidify your circle. This journey exposes us to a new part of ourselves and puts us around like-minded people. When this happens, you start paying attention and noticing people with a limited mindset, people who could hold you back because they refuse to grow. Once you see that, it separates you from those people and draws you closer to the people with your new mindset, which helps you start solidifying your circle. You now know who those around you are on the same journey as you and who around you is comfortable being stagnant.

Knowing this will help you determine who you should spend most of your time with and whom you should keep a distance from. Now that we know the benefits of investing in ourselves, here are some ways to do that.

-Invest in your physical health: Here are three ways you can invest in your physical health. 1) Take note of what you put in your body (incorporate a serving of fruits and vegetables into your meal at least once a week), 2) Buy fitness classes or a gym membership, and 3) Invest in fun fitness gear (this takes off some of the pressure of going to work out). Remember: You need to be strong physically to live long enough to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

-Invest in your physical appearance: There are four ways to improve your physical appearance: 1) Take care of your skin, 2) Make sure your hair is always done, 3) Beauty add-ons that could improve your looks are your nails, eyelashes, and eyebrows, 4) Pay attention to the type of clothing you do wear and the message that it sends to the world.

-Invest in your mental health: Three ways how you can invest in your mental health are 1) Invest in a therapy session (the healing process is key to achieving happiness), 2) Buy a gratitude journal (this is an excellent reminder that despite our darkest times, we are still blessed), 3) Invest in self-care days whether it be a relaxing facial, a massage, meditation, or yoga classes.

-Invest in your relationship success: The best way to do that is to 1) Make time for the people whom you love (take at least three times a week to talk to people that make you happy), 2) Send postcards or gifts to on either holiday or any other occasion to people who you love (this small gesture shows how thoughtful you are and the people receiving will appreciate it), 3) Know your love language and those around you (everyone receives love differently so it's essential to learn how to speak the love language of people around you, that way you are communicating as effectively as you can), 4) Have healthy boundaries.


-Invest in your work and goals: 1) Have a mentor: When you have a mentor, you essentially have a guide who has gone through most of the things you are going through right now, and they're more than willing to help you go through it. 2) Invest in your education: You can buy a course, book a one-on-one session, or participate in a live master class. 3) Improve your skills by taking a skills class.

-Invest in your personal growth: The first way to do that is by reading. 1) Finish at least one book each month (knowledge is power), 2) Learn money management (learning how to manage your finances is crucial to your success), 3) Create a productive morning and night routine (this truly determines what type of day you're going to have). 4) Create a self-motivating vision board: A vision board helps you take a glimpse into the future of who you want to be. It will also help you to see the potential that you have. Everything you put on your vision board should include actionable steps behind it. That way, you don't get so overwhelmed.

The best moment to start growing and evolving as a professional and human being is now! Start investing in yourself and enjoy the endless benefits you'll get from it

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