7 things you should know before adopting a pet

Here you can find a list of seven things you should know before bringing a pet IGNORE INTO your home

7 things you should know before adopting a pet

Having a pet at home comes with a lot of responsibilities, so it is important to be aware of what this will represent in your life before making any decision. That is why LatinAmerican Post offers you a list of seven things you should know before bringing a pet IGNORE INTO your home:

1. Keep an open mind

Many times we go to adoption centers looking for a specific animal; however, this can make us lose our ideal partner. Michael Keiley, director of adoption centers and programs of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Boston, recommends "expanding your search by focusing less on size, age, color, etc., and rather on qualities important as the level of activity, personality, behavior, etc."

2. Calculate your budget

Make a list of all the care your pet may need, plus adoption fees, and be honest with your pocket. Vaccinations, food, regular visits to the vet and a possible remodeling of your home so that this is a safe environment can be added monthly a large amount of money.

3. Do you have time?

In general, pets require a minimum level of physical activity to stay active and release energy. You will have to take time out of your day, that you could invest in work or rest, to share with them. So do not adopt if you are not willing to sacrifice some of your routines for the well-being of your pet.

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4. Is your space adequate?

Although cats can easily live in small places, dogs can feel trapped in these types of spaces. Try to adopt a pet that fits what you can offer, no matter how hard it is to give up what you have always dreamed of.

5. It is a life decision

The enthusiasm of having an animal can not be something momentary. If you decide to take a pet home you must understand that it is a lifelong decision and that you can not run away at the first difficulty that comes along. The figures for animal abandonment are alarming. In Colombia, for example, it is estimated that in 2008 there were 90,000 dogs on the streets, according to Ana María Melo Becerra, an expert in environmental and health engineering. So you must inform yourself very well before taking the risk.

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6. Will your county or building allow you to keep the pet you wish to adopt?

Not all areas and facilities are pet-friendly. In fact, most have ordinances on the number and type of pets that can be had, so try to consult them before taking an animal home.

7. Do you have someone to leave your pet with?

Sometimes you will have to stay away from your friend, either for business or pleasure trips. Make sure you have a person with whom you can leave your pet and whom you do not bother, for it is important to have a fixed help for unexpected situations.


LatinAmerican Post | Luisa Fernanda Báez

Translated from "7 cosas que debes saber antes de adoptar una mascota"


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