7 useful apps for students

Gadgets, despite the disadvantages, can not only take time but also help to learn, plan, and not forget about important things.

Elizabeth Bailey

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"You and your phone again!" – parents are indignant when they see teenagers (and adult college kids, too) with gadgets in their hands. But gadgets, despite the disadvantages, can not only take time but also help to learn, plan, and not forget about important things.

1. SpeechTexter

What do students do all the time? No, they don't skip, those are the wrong students. And the right ones are taking notes in lectures. Some, however, gave up the classic notebook recording a long time ago and record the teacher on a tape recorder. But here there are also difficulties: if you need to take notes, you have to listen, transcribe and write them down. And this is a time-consuming and labor-intensive activity. SpeechTexter is a voice recorder with a speech-to-text feature. It can even recognize speech in several languages and works without Internet access.

2. HandWriter

And immediately another helper that converts already printed text into handwritten text and saves a lot of time. The application works well with word-processing files and even imitates handwriting: you can change the font, the slant, and the distance between words. A great alternative to the classic synopsis, which will allow you to get a good grade on the test and not apply to the write a essay for me service.

3. Clockwork Tomato

Another challenge for the student is to plan time, which is always in lack. Smart schedulers can help with this. An app that takes the Pomodoro technique as its basis can help: you work for 25 minutes and then rest for 5 minutes when your alarm clock rings. An app can help automate this process, setting up the number of your tomatoes, their duration, and rest time.

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4. ToDoist

The popular electronic planner allows you to make notes about your tasks, categorize them into groups, track progress, prioritize and make reminders. You can evenly distribute your workload without having to keep all your deadlines in your head or carry around a notebook.

5. The FBReader 

At uni, you will have to read a lot. To avoid lugging all the books with you, we advise you to download and read them electronically. Yes, we understand, it is pleasant to sit with a paper novel when there is rain outside, and warm coffee in a cup, but let's leave this format for your leisure time. For studies choose a more practical option. FBReader is a popular reader, it supports almost all formats. By the way, it is very convenient to search for textbooks in electronic format – enter the keyword in the search and you're done! In regular books, such tricks do not work.

6. Exam Countdown

Students will soon have exams. This event is stressful in itself. And in high school, as a rule, the credit week is not as terrible as the week before it: you need to pass a huge number of homework, tests, and essays and finish reading books. With the app, you can visually see how many days and even hours are left until the next test point, get reminders and evenly distribute your preparation, so that you don't have to sit over your textbook on the last night.

7. Sleep Cycle

The last thing we'd like to remind you of is that good sleep is important for productivity. It's no secret how much, and to control and optimize it, you can try the Sleep Cycle app, which keeps track of your sleep phases, reminds you of your regime, determines what time you should wake up, taking into account the phase, and so on.

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