A Latino Marvel superhero?

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America Chavez is shattering barriers in the comic’s universe and beyond. She is the first lesbian Latina superhero with her own Marvel Comics series. Not your typical Latina, or heroine, that’s usually seen on the big screen.

The 18-year-old, who also goes by Miss America, has long, curly hair and a wardrobe filled with stars-and-stripes. She attends Sotomayor University and, in between classes, she picks fights with evil aliens.

Miss America was created in 2011 by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta and has been a regular in Marvel's Young Avengers and the Ultimates series.
Now she's starring in her own series that debuted last month. The series, written by Gabby Rivera with artwork by artist Joe Quinones, has the Latina heroine alternately fighting evil villains and enjoying time with her friends.

Putting aside her extraordinary speed, strength, and ability to punch through dimensions, America is just a sweatshirt-wearing teenager who's trying to figure things out. So far, fans agree that Marvel is doing it right.

She's also part of Marvel Comics' push to become more inclusive and diverse. Over the past decade, fans have been introduced to the first Muslim Ms. Marvel, a female Thor, a young, female African-American Iron Man, and a new black Captain America. No Latino characters have had their own Marvel series until now.

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