Adopting Mindful Motherhood

Mom-to-be, know some options to reduce depression after childbirth!.

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During motherhood, the woman becomes emotionally vulnerable, because various psychological alterations can arise. However, the COVID-19 health crisis has managed to entrench these psychological problems in them. That is why in The Woman Post you are supported with various mindfulness techniques so that you can take this period with peace of mind.

A recent article by Dr. Carlos Rodríguez was published in the Journal of Psychology and Health reveals that high levels of anxiety, stress, and depression between 15% and 50% of pregnant women can lead to severe inconvenience during this period. The data collected show that mindfulness treatments are effective in significantly reducing the anxious symptomatology of pregnant women. The report suggested an initiative that implemented a follow-up for 3 months with 8 individual sessions and with the duration of 90 minutes. In addition, they suggest that the programmers continue to be model studies to obtain more information in this regard.

Benefits of Mindfulness for Pregnant Women

Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.O. in molecular biology, founded the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society and for years instructed many people about the great benefits of mindfulness. The expert seeks to share recommendations of mindfulness to optimize the attitudes of the people who practice it. In addition, it has a series of methods that include meditation, postures, and fundamentals that will make you consciously work stress, anxiety, and depression.

-Decreased stress, anxiety, and depression: There are a variety of mindfulness exercises that can be performed during the period of pregnancy. Experts recommend these strategies to channel the negative sensations that appear.

-Positive emotions and optimism: Positive feelings produce emotional well-being and provide favorable personal and professional outcomes.


-Prevents preterm birth: Early birth is usually caused by the stress of the mother; even her anticipation at birth causes her to be underweight. Stress and anxiety are determining factors and increase the opportunity for preterm delivery.

-Healthily boosts the baby's growth: Some studies consider that when the mother practices any mindfulness technique, she develops better adaptability over her gestation period, achieving better opportunities in physical exertion.

3 Mindfulness Exercises To Avoid the Baby Blues

At this stage of life, the mother witnesses many mood swings and can influence the possibility of suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression. Some experts express that baby blues affects between 35 and 40% of women after childbirth. However, The Woman Post offers you these exercises that can help you avoid baby blues. You want to meet them!

1. Conscious Breathing: Inhalation and exhalation are important at this complex time for the mother, because this particular exercise can lessen the pain of contractions. This technique allows large amounts of oxygen to enter your lungs and gives you a little serenity.

2. Conscious Walking: The physical exercise of your body, even healthy eating allows you to stay active. In addition, you can incorporate the other senses to expand the mindfulness exercises.

3. Conscious Relaxation: Resting in a quiet place allows you to close your eyes and focus on the sensations that your baby can generate, such as movement in your belly. In this moment of relief, you can add fruits, textures, and smells. Enjoy!

In short, breasts require not only physical support but also psychological support. In pregnancy, the need to be heard rejoiced even admired is important not only for your peace of mind but also for that of the baby.

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