Being a Single and Alone Woman: Synonymous With Happiness?

According to the statements of Professor Emily Grundy, from the University of Essex to The Telegraph "There is evidence that women spend more time on housework than men and I think they also do more emotional work, so they continue to do more housework and cooking and other things, as well as more emotional work. It is said that women who are not married and do not have children are the happiest group in the population, as there is less physical, mental, and emotional overload, so they decide to be single and happy".

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As of a study carried out by MINTEL (The world's leading market intelligence agency), of the total number of single women in the world under the age of 45, 61% of them are happy, while of single men in the world, 49% are. Additionally, the study shows us that in an age range between 45 and 65 years the level of happiness with being single varies: 32% of women feel happy being single, while only 19% of men feel that way. This proves once again the capacity of women to be alone, to be happy, and autonomous.

Many women are happier being independent, they run fewer risks, and have fewer obligations, so they live longer. We have more time to enjoy what we like and invest our money in travel, recreation, and self-care, something that married women with children often cannot do. On the other hand, “Women tend to have better alternative social networks and other confidants, while men tend to be quite dependent on their wives for it and have fewer other social ties,” explains Dr. Grundy.

Women in general are more likely to enjoy solitude and spend time on things we like when we understand that it is a valuable opportunity to work on our personal growth, study, and care for our figure and our integral BEING, without having to give explanations to anyone, or count on someone's time to do what we like. We simply live in freedom, to come and go or simply BE and BE. It is important to note that while for men it is important to be single because they can flirt and flirt as they please, for women, it is more important not to have reasons for discussion, tension, or disagreements due to differences and to be able to focus on achieving our goals.

Being alone, a decision

Even though there is still social pressure, stronger towards women than towards men for being alone, it is also true that contemporary women decide to remain single or return to being single with greater freedom as a sign of maturity. , inner wealth, autonomy, and high self-esteem, because as a popular Colombian saying goes: “it is better alone than in bad company”.

With time, women have gained autonomy and we have moved away from conventional stereotypes where a woman without a man by her side had little value and where being "wife of" had great relevance.

Among young women, focusing on one's objectives is more valuable, although I believe that as time passes and women mature and gain autonomy and self-esteem, it is also very relevant because when we are married, most of the time, Mainly in generations like mine, who are around 50 and 60 years old, life revolved around the husband and children and when we recovered our singleness, we also recovered our autonomy and headed towards the recovery and development of our projects and ourselves.

Although I indeed consider that the best state of the human being is life as a couple, when we feel supported, contained, supported, respected, valued, and loved. However, it is also true that if a bond does not meet these minimum requirements, we are free to opt for singleness, this being an intelligent and healthy decision.

This being the case, living a well-cared single life that leads to peace and tranquility requires full awareness and presence and inner strength, and resilience to face moments that are sometimes difficult when we do not have emotional support. Therefore, it is important to expand the emotional support network that involves having a good friend or friend who supports us at times when we need it.

Benefits of being single.

While you are single, be it by choice or by circumstance, take the opportunity to recognize yourself, go through an introspection and healing process, and grow in all aspects, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual, so when you choose to establish a partner again, if you decide so, you will be more prepared to establish a mature and healthy bond, which arises not from need or lack, but from inner abundance and completeness… While enjoying your singleness and being happy.

A company by decision or Anuptaphobia?

Did you know that the phobia of loneliness is called anuptaphobia and that it is generated by low self-esteem and low security? Indeed, some people are afraid of not being in constant company, so it doesn't matter at what cost, they must have someone close. This is why these people allow unhealthy bonds and relationships because their phobia of loneliness affects them more than their real well-being. And you, do you have a partner because of a conscious decision or because you have a phobia of loneliness? Analyze your status and decide.

My experience with being single.

From the moment I decided to separate from my husband, I began my return to the encounter with my being and the recovery of my self-esteem, and the development of self-pity as a salvation tool, to carry out an interior healing process. Singleness and loneliness are a decision that many people are opting for, either because they do not want commitment or because they simply prefer to be alone rather than in bad company.

In my case, I decided to be alone while I was doing my healing process, then I have done it because every time I am becoming more selective in the choice of the people with whom I connect and share my time because I consider that it is the greatest treasure that we possess. And if we lose it, we can't get it back. Investing time in what builds us up and makes us better people, whether alone or in the company, is the most important thing for a full life. For this reason, today I invite you to review the reasons why you are alone or as a couple so that you make the corresponding decisions that lead you to a state of harmony and well-being without forgetting that the most important love of your life is you. I wish you a full and happy life… decide well from wisdom and conscience.

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