Benefits That You Have Missed From Vibroacoustics

This date was created by the Soundhealers Association since there are other ways to heal our body and also heal the earth and one of those forms is sound, therefore the call on this day is to make us aware of the healing power of sound and to use it.

Leonor Adriana Díaz Sánchez (Shakti-Seva/l.a.d.s)

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Healing Sounds are innovative work in the field of sound healing and vibrational medicine. The connection with our origin is established through sound. Think about what happens when a mother sees her baby crying, picks him up, and brings him closer to her chest. The baby usually calms down, right? Well, nothing more healing than listening to the sound of the heart that leads us to remember the security that is experienced in the womb. When a baby cries and her mother lifts him and brings him closer to her chest, the beating of the mother's heart restores the security and confidence he experienced in her mother’s womb.

The heart has a frequency and vibration that responds to the emotions we experience according to the moment we are going through. Have you noticed that your heart races when you are afraid or facing a dangerous situation? Similarly, when you are calm your heart beats slower, and your heart rate slows. This directly impacts your state of physical and mental health because if you stay in constant agitation and stress your heart and other organs are affected and with a racing heart the mind does not reason properly. "Give me a rope and I will explain the universe to you", said Pythagoras.

In the Universe, everything is vibration, frequency, and resonance.

Néstor Eidler, musician and vibrational pedagogue also called "doctor of doctors" affirms that the universe is a musical box because "it is built in proportions equivalent to the intervals of the musical octave", therefore, we can all resonate with EVERYTHING. Consequently, knowing how to manage our frequency, resonance, and vibration allows us to heal and heal the planet. If we manage our vibration, we help improve the vibration of the planet for the benefit of all.

Now I am going to explain the difference between the three terms mentioned in the following way: in the universe, everything is matter and energy and according to "Particle Physics" which studies the components of matter, when seeing the particles under a powerful microscope subatomic, its shape is that of a string that vibrates in space-time, that is to say, that these strings are "vibrational states" to which energy makes them vibrate. Vibration is a repetitive or oscillatory motion. The frequency is the number of times that an energy wave rises or falls (oscillates) during a second (it is measured in Hrz) and when an internal frequency coincides with an external frequency of matter it is called resonance. The matter is nothing more than vibratory movements, so you are permanently vibrating, as well as the universe, so we can all resonate with EVERYTHING. Therefore, the Universe is sound and so are we; each has its music.

1. Origins of Vibro Acoustic Therapy:

According to the book "Listen to Silence" written by Jorge Zain, my Vibroacoustic Therapy teacher, one of the first studies on the therapeutic effects of music was done by Teirich (1959), who studied a deaf man and saw that his body had a receptive point that allowed him to have an internal sense of vibration to perceive sounds with their low or high frequencies which had direct effects and reactions, such as the low-frequency notes of music played by an organ, literally They "moved" the solar plexus, just as the low notes generated relaxation in the stomach and produced sleepiness. This study was considered an inspiration for the precursors of vibroacoustic therapy, such as Wigram, Dileo, and Olav Skille among others.

The incorporation of two elements such as music and low-frequency sound vibration gave rise to what was initially called low-frequency sound massage, which was later called Vibroacoustic Therapy, which today is used in healing processes.


• Reduces pain.

• Improves muscular conditions.

• Improves lung conditions.

• Relieves general physical discomfort.

• And it is worked on psychological disturbances.


• Acute inflammatory diseases.

• Pregnancy.

• Hypotonia.

• Chronic physical conditions

• Psychosis

• Pacemaker.

2. Healing Sounds

There are 6 healing sounds that you can make to help heal your body and feel better and that you should do for 15 minutes a day:

• Inhale strongly and exhale emitting the sound 'SSSSS', which helps to reduce sadness and depression and is directly related to the lungs.

• Emitting the sound 'HOOOO' eliminates fear and insecurity at the same time, coming to feel the goodness and inner peace and improves the kidneys.

• Emitting the sound 'SHHHH' with the tongue next to the palate, allows us to develop kindness and decrease anger and rage, which helps to improve the liver.

• The sound 'GUUUU helps us eliminate worry, develops beauty, and improves the spleen.

• Emitting the sound 'HAAAA, eliminates pride, arrogance, and haste and allows us to feel love and happiness, its relationship is direct with the heart.

• Emitting the sound 'HIIII' allows the body to relax and balance the energies generated with the other sounds, this sound is called triple warmer.

In conclusion, we are made of vibrations that allow us to heal our body and as Einstein, violinist, and mathematician, said: "I just want to know God, the rest are details", so let's set a beautiful vibe to heal ourselves and help heal the planet.

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