Best Places In Latin America To Travel In 2023

We tell you about tourist destinations, for different tastes, that will be a trend to travel in 2023

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Traveling is one of the most pleasant experiences for human beings. When you think about discovering new destinations or leaving your comfort zone to explore a different world, your perspectives on life change. For this reason, this is one of the most common plans for people today, since today there are various facilities for traveling: volunteering, travel agencies, exchanges, tours, travel loans, and countless information on the internet to organize trips by own account. Traveling in 2023 is the goal of many since in the pandemic years tourist activity decreased.

Whether for lifestyle or simply for leisure and opening up to new environments, if you are interested in traveling and having an enriching adventure of learning about new cultures and customs, we will tell you about destinations that have been selected as a trend for 2023. Appreciating new landscapes, enjoying exotic foods, and learning a bit of history on tours are key to any of them.

Best Tourist Destinations For 2023 In Latin America

The famous portal Lonely Planet has launched its renowned list of the best destinations for the coming year. It is a wide list with a variety of countries according to the interests of the people. These destinations have been categorized based on the specific tastes of travelers such as eating, exploring, relaxing, connecting, or learning. Below we show you the Latin American countries that were highlighted in each area:

Eating: If you are looking for countries where you can enjoy the best gastronomic experiences, then you should know:

  • Lima Peru. This country is characterized by cevicherías and pisco cocktails. In addition, the civilization of this country dates back thousands of years, which makes it a fantastic place for the curious about history, along with its world-renowned gastronomy, with Japanese influence.

  • Montevideo, Uruguay. Here you can enjoy an exquisite fusion of Italian and Spanish cuisine. On the other hand, the rich cultural life of this country will further enrich your dining experience.

Explore: If you like to arrive in a country and want to move through different places full of adventures, then you should know:

  • National Parks of Colombia: From beaches to mountains and forests, you will find in this destination infinities of landscapes that you will love. This country is characterized by various national parks such as the Tayrona National Park on the Colombian Atlantic coast, Chiribiquete National Natural Park, Los Nevados National Natural Park, Chingaza National Natural Park, Puracé National Natural Park, El Cocuy National Natural Park, Serranía la Macarena with its spectacular Caño Cristales, Old Providence McBean Lagoon National Park on the island of Providencia and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Natural Park. In addition, you can have a special natural parks passport to visit all of them and receive a stamp for each one.

Relax: if what you want is a place where you can relax, feel calm and find emotional balance, then you should know:

  • Dominica: It is also known as the Island of Nature. It is a small country in the Caribbean that boasts boiling lakes, volcanoes covered in rainforests, sulfurous hot springs, and hiking trails. Perfect to disconnect from everyday life and feel calm.

  • Jamaica: This island paradise lives up to its native name "the land of wood and water", evoking peace of mind through its majestic natural landscapes. It is an ideal destination to find yourself while contemplating everything that is around you.


Learn: If what you are looking for is to live new experiences, full of action that leave you with great memories, then you should know:

  • El Salvador: a country that during the last century was marred by civil war, but that today has been rejuvenated with a transformative vision. In this nation, you can venture to learn and practice surfing, a sport full of adrenaline where your mission will be to catch the waves while appreciating the landscapes offered by the paradisiacal Salvadoran beaches.

However, other destinations for 2023 on the list are Umbria (Italy), Fukuoka (Japan), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), South Africa, Nova Scotia (Canada), Bhutan, Train from Istanbul to Sofia, Western Australia, Zambia, Halkidiki (Greece), Jordan, Malta, Raja Ampat (Indonesia), Accra (Ghana), Albania, Sydney (Australia), Guyana, Boise (USA), Alaska (USA), New Mexico (USA), Dresden (Germany), Marseille (France), Manchester (United Kingdom) and South of Scotland.

Health Benefits Of Traveling

As mentioned above, traveling offers many experiences. Therefore, it is an activity that helps human beings to grow in the acquisition of knowledge about life in other places. However, this activity also offers great mental health benefits such as improving your mood by getting involved with natural environments, developing skills and social relationships by meeting new people, practicing languages and learning new habits; improving the quality of life when carrying out excursion activities, as this helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels; among other things.

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