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Now that Spotify is the target of the “digital torches”, we we leave some of its informative content. These are our science podcast recommendations.

Now that Spotify is the target of the “digital torches”, we we leave some of its informative content. These are our science podcast recommendations.

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Spotify has been involved in a great controversy in recent days, the existence of content without any type of control has given space to podcasts with the theme of conspiracies, anti-vaccines and others that are not exempt from problems. However, the music platform also has high-quality educational and science-themed content, here we recommend some.

Spotify, the new target of the “digital torches”

Thousands of users around the world have ended their subscription to the platform as a form of protest against it after the departure of the famous musician Neil Young. The Canadian, legendary founder of Buffalo Springfield, gave an ultimatum to Spotify to remove Joe Rogan’s podcast, who is critical of the COVID-19 vaccines and the restrictions that are generated for those who decide not to get vaccinated.

The platform was put “against a rock and a hard place”, on the one hand allowing the retirement of an artist with a great career and known for his activism, or canceling The Joe Rogan Experience, an exclusive Spotify podcast for whose exclusivity the platform paid 100 million dollars, as announced in 2020 by The Wall Street Journal. The American company decided to keep the podcast, which generated a negative image among many of its subscribers who began to request the end of their subscriptions.

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In Spotify you can also find science

Spotify has all kinds of content besides the music. Among its podcasts you can find some very useful: languages, art, travel, news, interviews, literature, etc. the list is huge. That is why we recommend these 5 podcasts that address scientific issues from an objective perspective and with information from reliable sources.

Science Vs: This podcast is curious because it is part of the original catalog of Spotify and its host, Wendy Zukerman, has decided to deal with the misinformation that may exist on the platform, not only that issued by Joe Rogan. Science Vs is dedicated to demystifying and disproving controversial information from a scientific approach through verified information and through interviews with specialists in the different topics it deals with.

Ciencia en otras palabras: It is a podcast created by Chilean biologists Daniela Lazo and Selim Musleh, their work is the popularization of science, mainly on topics of nature and biology. Among its episodes you can find discussions about evolution, the sea, the weather, technology and also viruses, like the one that now has the world upside down. If you don’t want to or can’t use Spotify, you can find the episodes directly on the podcast website.

The Story Collider: Who said science has to be boring? This podcast is wonderful, because through stand up learn about the life of scientists. The goal is for you to see the human side that inspires them and understand something of their interesting work. It stands out because they are the ones who tell their stories, so you will hear first-hand about the work of science. You can find it on Spotify or directly on the podcast website.

Cinema Science: Surely at some table you have had a discussion about cinema and even more about the science behind of your favorite films. Science fiction generates all kinds of doubts and theories about how it works, that’s what Cinema Science, debates and discussions about cinema and its scientific logic. Didn’t you wonder if it was possible to “revive” dinosaurs like in Jurassic Park? You can find the podcast on Spotify or on their website.

Mujeres en la ciencia: This Mexican podcast is interesting because it takes us into the lives of great women who they changed science like Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to go into space, or Marie Curie and her remarkable contributions in the fields of physics and chemistry that earned her Nobel Prizes. This podcast is about them and others, which at the moment you can only find on Spotify.

These are our recommendations in English and Spanish if you want to use Spotify to inform you, which one do you go for to start?

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