Closing out your Fit Pregnancy Strong!

Congratulations fit mama! You are getting closer and closer to meeting your baby!  While the end of your fit pregnancy is near the discomforts may be increasing by the day!  What if I told you that continuing a Fit Pregnancy in the third trimester can not only help ease pregnancy discomforts, but also make for a smoother labor and delivery?

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Pregnant woman lying back near a lake. / Reference image / Pexels

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Stepping into the third trimester is one that floods a mom to be with so many emotions as it is the final trimester!  You spend most of your days thinking about the baby you have growing inside of you, anxious, yet excited to meet your baby.  At the same time you are definitely feeling pregnant!  You’re probably waddling, not getting much sleep at night from how hard it is to sleep with a giant belly and on top that deal with a baby who uses your bladder as a punching bag.  

Working out in this trimester brought so many positives.  I remained back pain free, minimal swelling, and had so much energy! Not only did I benefit from a fit pregnancy during, but I did in my labor and delivery.  We reached a point where my OBGYN came in and told me I had to options: To push like I’ve never pushed before or get taken in to an emergency cesarean.  Once everything was said in done my OBGYN told me that in his experience most women in my same situation end up having to have the surgery because they are not strong enough to get the baby out in time.  I owe this to my Fit Pregnancy!

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Because I know that this trimester may be even more difficult to find the motivation to go workout, I wanted to leave you with 7 Reasons to stay Motivated and finish out your Fit Pregnancy!

  1. Less Aches and Pains!  Who doesn’t want to finish out pregnancy feeling less pelvic and back pain than they need to?
  2. A greater chance of a faster and smoother delivery!  If you plan to go unmedicated, research also shows women who workout during pregnancy have a greater pain tolerance during labor and are less likely to request an epidural.
  3. More energy! Let’s be honest, sometimes the end of pregnancy can be a drag, both physically and mentally.  So Why not enjoy a natural energy boost?
  4. Just like in the second trimester, exercising in the third trimester can help you sleep better at night.
  5. Less swelling. In this trimester we are more likely to experience pesky swelling that comes with the added weight.  Exercising helps to keep the swelling at bay.
  6. For me personally, this is the trimester where I experiences the most weight gain even though my severe morning sickness did come back.  Continuing to exercise will help you continue to gain healthy weight and avoid the excess weight gain.
  7. Better and faster post partum recovery!  Whether you have a vaginal delivery or a cesarean delivery a fit pregnancy will help you recovery better and faster!
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