Do you know these viruses that have no cure?

Although we are in the middle of the coronavirus quarantine, there are other viruses that still have no cure. 

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The coronavirus poses a huge effort for scientists, who are trying to find a possible vaccine. For example, according to Clarín media in the face of difficulties, doctors are testing the BCG vaccine against tuberculosis, since it is cheap to produce and strengthens the immune system. 

However, it is clear that not much progress has yet been made towards a possible new vaccine specific for this virus. According to what the Infobae page mentions, a Chinese laboratory, known as CanSino Biologics, is making progress on the second test to find a cure.

Given this situation, we decided to review what were some other viruses that have no cure to date. In other words, we are talking about those conditions that people must endure, but that still do not have a specific solution from the medical community.

Crimea-Congo fever

Here we are talking about a disease that spreads through tick bites. The origin? Africa, although cases were also found in the Middle East and Asia in the year 1944, especially with regard to livestock and breeding sites for insects.

The symptoms of this condition are variable, although most coincide in an early stage of fever, headache, and general malaise. The second period includes some gastrointestinal symptoms that go from moderate to severe, while bleeding with fatal multi-organ shock may occur at the end.

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Avian influenza

Birds also catch the flu, transmitting a specific disease to humans. Many people can be, even without wanting to, in contact with some birds that are infected. In the same way, the contagion towards our species also occurs through the intake of eggs that are not well cooked.

The first cases occurred in 1997, appearing in Hong Kong poultry, then spreading to the rest of the planet, without an effective vaccine so far. The symptoms of avian influenza are varied: from sore muscles and sore throats to breathing problems or conjunctivitis. However, according to the WHO, the most worrying thing is that many times there are asymptomatic cases that can lead to death.

Marburg fever

According to what Orpha's specialized website mentions, we are talking about a serious hemorrhagic disease, where initial fever is usually the first parameter. This can be followed by severe watery diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramps, nausea, and vomiting.

In this case, the origin of the transmission is associated with Uganda's African green monkeys. However, bats also often transmit it to people, due to direct contact with secretions, for example.

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One of the best known of this list. The first outbreaks occurred in 1976, when they were detected in the regions of present-day South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Again, fruit bats are considered to be the species that started this whole problem.

This disease became known in 2014, after a major outbreak in Africa. According to what the BBC media mentions, the WHO estimated a total of 4,447 deaths, although the figure could be around 12,000. The symptoms? Fever, headache, muscle pain, and body chills.

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