Does being a youtuber go hand in hand with motherhood?

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Maternity and YouTube: in an interview with LatinAmerican Post, Kim de Sutter tells us how she has handled her pregnancy and not leave aside her YouTube channel

Does being a youtuber go hand in hand with motherhood?

Kim de Sutter has more than 140 thousand subscribers on YouTube. It seems little compared to the big YouTubers, but that amount is enough to create a loyal audience that is attentive to her innovative content. At the age of 25, she will have her first child in the coming weeks, since the baby has been estimated to be born between the end of April and the beginning of May.

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She has had her YouTube channel for three years and, meanwhile, she has been consolidating her audience on Instagram. It started as a beauty channel, in which she taught, among other things, makeup tips, but it has become little by little a lifestyle one. Thanks to the requests of her followers she began to make challenges, Vlogs, tips, and stories, among other things.

YouTube, Instagram, and be a mom. It may seem risky for those who think that they should not expose their private life, much less that of a child in social networks. Maybe years ago it would seem illogical to create content for social networks at the same time as being a mom, but now, with this world of influencers, networks precisely end up being a perfect space to tell all kinds of experiences, including the perks of motherhood.

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Although there is no absolute truth, it is useful to know that other people go through the same things as you and tell their stories or even make fun challenges. That's why, after three years of doing all kinds of content, Kim's followers are now constantly asking her to make content related to her pregnancy.

"I'm not going to stop making lifestyle videos, but right now people want to see things from Emilio, from my process, I'm still trying to balance both, but I guess when he's born they'll want to see everything about him," Kim said, excited to unite two of her loves-, I want to make many vlogs showing them my day with Emilio".

Dedicating your life to YouTube can even be more balanced with being a mother as you do not have to stop working. Unlike many jobs, where the mother has to retire for months, or even years, if you want to be with your baby in its early years, Kim can take the opportunity to transform her channel and continue generating income without having to be far from her baby.

Even so, despite how involved she is with social networks, even she is sometimes in a dilemma in what she has to do with the exposure to Emilio. She says that sometimes she has mixed feelings because she does not want to involve him 100% in the channel or in the social media in general: "I've heard not so cool stories and sometimes it gives me a little bit of fright, but I'm going to wait for him to be born and that everything follows its course", she said.

No matter how prepared you are, being a mother always comes to change your life. No matter what job you have, what dynamics in your day to day you have, they will always change. For Kim, it was a total change, from her way of thinking to her daily routine they gave a 180 ° turn. A year ago, 2019 was going to be her year of globetrotting; she had planned trips and planned to concentrate 100% on her channel. Although now the plans changed her, she does not think of leaving YouTube aside, but taking advantage of it in this new stage.

"I have always been a very relaxed person regarding living, I always thought with YouTube that everything would be happening little by little, whatever happens, now there is obviously a bit more economic desire and the plans change".


Una publicación compartida de Kim De Sutter⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ (@kimdesutter) el


"I'm creating a life, I take all the time when I feel like I have to rest, so sometimes I feel like I'm losing a lot of time, but I do not care, it's what I feel I should do, it's logical that I should sleep, I'm tired all the time, when I record the videos I start talking and I'm already drowned, it's impressive."


LatinAmerican Post | Juliana Suárez

Translated from "¿Va YouTube de la mano con la maternidad? "

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