Google University offers a degree “equivalent to university majors”

It is clear that virtual education came to revolutionize everything. Will it be the end of universities or will this teaching be complementary? .

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Google launches a new project to certify a degree equivalent to university studies. / Photo: Pixabay

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A student's time is highly valued. When a person wants to specialize in his studies, he has to know that he will have to manage it correctly. In other words, you will probably have to find a balance between notes, work, social life and rest.

In this sense, the company of the most famous search engine in the world, Google, asked the following: why do students have to study for at least four years, if an equivalent degree can be obtained in a few months? According to what the Xataka website highlights, recently there was a new initiative from the "Google University", where, for $ 300, you can obtain a certificate equivalent to university studies.

It is a new project that complements online studies, which is having great success among students. Such is the case that the University of Chile, according to the La Tercera website, "returns with new free online courses." Therefore, faced with this scenario, we must ask ourselves if it is feasible to guide studies in a shorter time outside the university, seeing if the external offer is equally viable.

Study outside of university

According to what the iProup media mentions, Google allows you to get a job with its courses, having the possibility of becoming "a technology expert" in just 6 months. That is to say, a much smaller number than some of the most important majors in the area of computer science, to cite an example.

From the company, they assure that it is an equivalent to a university degree in four-year careers. That is, it is designed so that people can be inserted at the work level in the business environment, generating 4 different certifications: IT Support Professional, Data Analytics, Project Management and User Experience (UX).

To make this possible, they created an alliance with the online courses company Coursera.  It is a useful platform for distance learning, which allows autonomy to set class hours, saving time and money and the possibility of taking notes from the comfort of home, at one's own pace and that it is not imposed by anyone.

Therefore, the debate seems to be oriented on what companies are currently requesting. In such a pragmatic world in terms of social media and technology, some university courses with a great theoretical load may not have the same importance as one that is dedicated specifically to the practical

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For example, the specialized website for Human Resources Digital comments that the demand for experts in data analysis “is skyrocketing”, since they are of enormous importance in altering the trends of a company. More and more professionals seem to be needed, given that university students who graduate from their computer science or communication careers do not seem to be fully qualified for this task.

However, a person who takes a specialized course in that area will have a much better advantage than a university graduate who has seen a large theoretical load, but does not understand the mechanics of their work. That is why the América Retail medium mentions that the nature of digital marketing " is analytical", since users generate traces in their actions, so the specialist must understand them.

Given this context, we can say that universities, especially in this situation, must adapt in order to be viable in the face of market demands. Otherwise, the trend that is occurring in the quarantine will continue, which, according to the Metro 95.1 website, is the increase in demand for online courses by students, something that Google knew how to take advantage of perfectly with its new and revolutionary proposal.

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