Grito De Mujer Festival 2022: Annual Women Poets Event

In the company of the best women who instill great courage and strength but have been invisible as poets, let's celebrate with The Woman Post the twelfth edition of the Grito de Mujer Festival 2022.

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The Ministry of Culture and Sport of Spain revealed that in 2021 there was a recovery in social activities. For example, reading remained a leisure activity for 64.4% of the population. The figures in the report indicate that reading levels were optimized, not only for all ages but also for women and men. However, a significant percentage of the 35.6% population still does not read.

The percentage of digital readers decreases slightly to 29.4%, against 30.3% in 2020. In addition, 52.3% buy books but not texts, and 43% pay for e-books that they download for free. Nowadays, attendance at libraries in person is recovering, as the mobility of nations has been established.

The health crisis caused by COVID-19 triggered the population to implement other leisure habits and considerably increased reading. However, an article published by Eduardo Montagut, doctor and professor in history and secretary of Education and culture of Chamartín of the PSOE-M, indicates that women poets have been invisible for many years. Women poets have not received the attention they deserve, and it is clear that it is due to a question of gender, ignorance, and contempt.

Women Poets in Their Greatest Splendor: Grito De Mujer 2022

It is an event held in March 2022, and its slogan is "origin," which considers women original, ancestors, and ancestral. The initiative is characterized by emphasizing women who have been predecessors, who fight for a social dream and implemented diversity, equality, and equity as a transformation.

This initiative was coordinated by The Women Poets International Movement (MPI), which consolidates the voices of all women who wish to express violence against women. These spaces are designed exclusively with the purpose that the female sector reveals its culture. And, of course, the moment as the protagonist of the millenary cultures.

The invitation was open to institutions, entities, groups, artists, and participants who will contact the festival and deliver their projects for the women who collaborate to extend their strength and courage to others.


The Woman Post Pays Tribute to the Best Women Poets

The Woman Post celebrates with the entire community of readers of our medium these three great women poets who were invisible and managed to raise their voices and demonstrate their courage after a lot of time and effort.

1. Gabriela Mistral: This great woman received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1945, and was recognized worldwide as the best poet in the world. The leader was considered to leave a multicultural legacy in which any woman could participate in her works and initiatives.

2. Sylvia Plath: The writer was admired after her tragic death as one of the best feminists of her time. She was one of the great poets who communicated her feelings and modes of representation in the literary and cultural sector.

3. Alejandra Pizarnik: She is a leader who has been admired by several generations of women readers, with dialogue that diverges between creation and destruction and coherence and diversity, a phenomenon previously seen.

Forcefully, all these women raise their voices in poetry to achieve the best women's literature observed for centuries.

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