Harvard launched a series of free and certified online courses

Harvard launched a series of very varied free courses so that you can educate yourself during the quarantine. 

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The prestigious Harvard University has launched various free courses for this quarantine. / Photo: Rawpixel

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Just because we are quarantined does not mean we should waste time. Although many people are fulfilling their student or work obligations in a home-office way, the reality is that we have more space to educate ourselves on those things that interest us.

Well, due to the coronavirus, the renowned Harvard University opened a series of virtual courses so that you can learn from the comfort of your home. To speak of Harvard is to mention one of the most prestigious universities on the planet, which is why it is so difficult to be part of its students.


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According to what El País mentions, the Academic Ranking of World Universities places it in first place of prestige. So this can be a unique opportunity to take their courses that are open to the public. You can even have an official certification upon completion, although you will have to pay for it (between 50 and 150 dollars, depending on the course).

Mobile app development via React Native

For all those who want to delve into JavaScript, they will be able to learn all the ideal bases to carry out practical projects. Students will learn how to develop applications with simple, but also productive interfaces.

That is to say, all the necessary concepts will be studied in about 13 weeks, where the ideal dedication for students is 6 to 9 hours per week. It is great to start immersing yourself in the job market of mobile apps.

Introduction to video game development

Studying game development could be an excellent option, something mentioned by the specialized Xataka website since we are in "the golden age of the video game". Well, through this course you will learn all the Unity or LÖVE 2D bases, in addition to the Lua and C # languages.

All the design and structure that a video game must have will be present in this training, where you will learn about the most iconic titles in history, both in 3D and 2D. Among them, Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Portal or Pokémon. The duration is about 12 weeks.

Web programming with Python and JavaScript

In this case, we will learn everything related to the art of programming. As mentioned on the Genbeta website, Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages in recent years, so the job opportunity is good.

So, through this course, everything related to the database and the user experience in web applications will be taught. This includes the creation of cloud services or user interfaces, through 12 pedagogical weeks.

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Introduction to accounting and financial statements

Another interesting topic to learn about during this crisis is accounting, which is ideal if you want to open your first business and don't know how to manage your finances.

That is to say, here there will be several classes where you will be taught what is necessary so that you can manage both your own venture and someone else's. All this, obviously, through different concepts of management and economy.

Introduction to Computer Science

Finally, we have a fairly basic course – unlike the previous ones – but it is more oriented towards a complete learning of different branches of computing and new technologies.

Therefore, you will see some elements of web development, security management and programming languages, such as PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL or C, so that you can later decide what you will specialize in. The duration? 11 weeks.

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