Inspiring the world and the space: she is an astronaut

An alliance between the She is Foundation and the NASA Space Center will allow you to visit the center of scientific learning in Houston.


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In March 2020, 15 Colombian girls in vulnerable situations will be able to train and be inspired by the NASA Space Center Facilities in Houston Texas, thanks to the recent alliance signed between the Colombian She Is Foundation and the NASA Space Center (Center of scientific learning and space exploration that opens the doors to NASA missions).

According to Nadia Sánchez, founder and CEO of the She Is Foundation, "The fundamental commitment of this alliance is to empower, motivate and inspire them to be an icon and model to millions of girls, being the first Colombian girls to attend a program in this world organization, that marks the history of our country and of them.''

The program will be developed for the first time between a Colombian foundation and the NASA Space Center as a commitment to education, with the purpose of empowering girls between the ages of 9 and 15.

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There will be 15 girls chosen from different regions of Colombia, daughters of beneficiaries of the foundation and living in rural areas, the girls chosen will be able to know about the opportunity they have, to focus on an infinite universe of opportunities, to know more about STEM careers and will have the possibility of dreaming from the largest operations center in the space.

The selected girls will have a total immersion 5 days in the facilities of the NASA Space Center in Houston, using dynamics of leadership, motivation and having meetings with astronaut women in order to expand their vision of life and entrepreneurship.


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