Leading Women From 15 Countries Will Be Present At WEF Colombia 2023

Since 2015, the Women Economic Forum (WEF-) has been bringing together women and men leaders in 30 countries in the world, who with their presentations, panels, and conferences provide valuable knowledge and experiences to thousands of attendees, under the presidency of its founder the Dra Harbeen Arora Rai, originally from India and creator of 5 platforms whose purpose is focused on contributing to closing the gender gap, so that the estimated time of 202 years to achieve it is substantially shortened.

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In this IV version in Colombia, the agenda will include leading personalities from all sectors, that is, government, private companies, NGOs, Foundations, and enterprises at the national and international levels.

Bearing in mind the relevance, impact, and significance that this event represents to expand economic, social, cultural, and political opportunities for women in various fields, and what this means as a contribution to closing the gender, equity, and inclusion gap, the mayoress of Bogotá, Dr. Claudia López will open the program and present her conference "Leading the transformation".

 Speakers From Around The World

The agenda of the two days of the event will have the participation of women panelists from 15 countries, who will visit Colombia, developing topics in the following thematic axes on the first day: Women in management positions, diplomatic relations and international cooperation, sustainable development, disability and opportunities for inclusion, diversity and equity, women 4.0, bridging the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) gap, challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurship, art and closing gaps, innovation and disruption, natural and water resources and the role of women in this sector.

On the 28th, there will be talking about the connection with awareness, mindset, and female entrepreneurship, growth opportunities for SMEs, women in management positions and alliances, policies and international programs that promote female entrepreneurship, sorority, its meaning, and impact.

Emphasis will be placed on the W FACTOR, which defines the communication of the woman leader with her environment. It will be in charge of Chiara Corazza, who is part of the Gender Equality Advisory Council # G7 and represents the Private Sector for France in the G20 Empower, being one of the most prominent women on the European continent.

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In addition to this agenda, members of the G100 will come, a group that brings together 100 leaders from all corners of the planet, who make a difference with their actions in favor of closing the gap, equity and inclusion.

It is definitely an unparalleled event in our region, of interest to all women and men who bet on the opening of more and better economic opportunities and greater female participation in the world economy, which, according to studies, would represent an increase in 26%

Fundación Mujeres Violeta is in charge of the organization and extends the invitation to attend this spectacular event, which is free of charge.

The appointment then is at the Salitre headquarters of the Bogotá Chamber Of Commerce. The link for details of the agenda, more information, and registration is as follows:

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