Love Is the Most Powerful Tool To Raise Children

Parents must learn to educate children in a respectful way that validates their feelings and reflects a deep comprehension of their needs, longings, and interests.

The Woman Post | Catalina Mejía

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Unfortunately, contemporary parents have time scarcity when it comes to educating children. We all live at high speeds, having to play various roles as parents, employees, or entrepreneurs, trying to get all our tasks done. At the same time, we face a constant struggle to spend quality time with our children and to get away from demanding routines and stress.

Frequently we may fall into the mistake of educating children reflecting impatience, raising our voices, or even punishing our kids. Sometimes we may find it difficult to control our bad mood and stress and we might overreact when our children make mistakes. The mentioned circumstances can lead us to be frustrated and to feel guilty when it comes to educating. At the same time, we might also forget how important it is to be available and present for our children. This implies learning how important it is for kids to make mistakes as a way of learning and growing up.

It is important to start educating from a loving perspective, based on comprehension, unconditional love, and learning to validate children’s feelings. Love is our best ally when it comes to brain development. Now, you might be wondering how to do this. The Woman Post offers you some insightful advice:

1. Educate With Hugs

Be sure to provide hugs that make children feel safe, that empower them, and alleviate their pain. Give hugs that bring optimism and are respectful of the learning process of each child.


2. Pronounce Words That Make Children’s Fears Go Away

Say words that are not judging, that make kids feel empowered, and give them the energy they need. Words that encourage kids to be independent and to be themselves.

3. Educate Kids With Kisses That Mean Thank You or Offer Apologies

Be sure to remind your children every day that you are there for them unconditionally and that you love them just as they are.

4. Educate Kids by Looking at Them in Such a Way That They Feel Protected and Loved

Be sure to be their ally when it comes to making important decisions. Be patient and forgive them always. Make their pain or fears go away.

Always keep in mind that it has been scientifically proved that being physically close to your children, whispering to them, and complementing them makes them resilient people. A kid that has grown up with love and emotional well-being will turn into a confident, happy, and empathic adult.

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