Top 10 Universities in Latin America 2020

Remember the numerous Brazilian and Argentinean TV shows that were shown on TV in our childhood? Have you also enjoyed the views of sunny Rio de Janeiro, wanted to swim in the ocean and walk along the Copacabana beach like the heroes of those films?

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Today you can go to study at one of the best universities in Latin America and realize your childhood dream!  Which Latin American universities really deserve your attention? Where can you get a world-class education today? Here are ten of the best universities in the region.

1. Pontifical University of the Catholic Church in Chile (UC)

The most noteworthy positioned college in Latin America this year, the Pontifical University of the Catholic Church in Chile (UC), which rose from the third spot a year ago and is currently positioned first in the district. The University, probably the most established college in Chile, was established in 1888 and is one of six Catholic colleges in the nation.

UC has four grounds in the capital Santiago and one in Villarrica, southern Chile. UC is right now positioned among the best 50 colleges on the planet for the investigation of law, horticulture, instruction, correspondences and media, religious studies, art and design, and many more.

2. The University of São Paulo‚ Brazil

The educational and research units of the educational institution (40 in total) are located in 11 different campuses in different cities of the country. Among the facilities of the university, there are four health care institutions, four museums, 44 libraries, a marine biology center, and its own cinema.

At this university, be prepared to study well as academic performance is highly valued here. If suddenly you are faced with any difficulties, then contact research paper writing services where they will definitely help you.

3. Universidade Estadual de Campinas

Ranked number 3 in the list of the best universities in South America is Campinas State University. Usually known as Unicamp, it is an open exploration college in the territory of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and one of the top colleges in the nation and in Latin America.

The Unicamp National Exam is serious and is viewed as one of the hardest in Brazil. Financing is given as a rule by the state government and, as other state-funded colleges in Brazil, there are no educational cost and authoritative expenses for undergrad and graduate projects.

4. The Institute of Management Foundation in Sao Paulo

The Institute of Management Foundation in São Paulo launched a full-time MBA program entirely in English in 2009. Tuition is paid and amounts to 38,500 reais (24,275 dollars).


Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education is a private university. More than 12,000 students of the highest degree study there. It is currently the 9th most valuable university in Latin America and is ranked 238 in the world rankings.

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6. University of Buenos Aires

Founded in 1821, this nearly two-hundred-year-old university is considered one of the most important in the Ibero-American continent. It is currently ranked 124th in the world ranking.It consists of 13 faculties, 6 hospitals, 10 museums, and 3 schools, with over 20,000 teachers teaching about 200,000 students.

7. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)

Next in our take on the best universities in Latin America is the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), down two places to take seventh in 2020. URFJ is Brazil's most established foundation of advanced education, initially established in 1792 as the Royal Academy of Artillery, fortress, and plan, before its conventional college status in 1920.

ln expansion to offering a wide scope of courses, UFRJ is additionally liable for a few exhibition halls, medical clinics, and exploration organizations all through Rio de Janeiro.

8. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

The National Autonomous University of Mexico is very popular with students studying engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, artificial intelligence, technology, and IT.

9. National University of Cordoba, Argentina

Until the 20th century, for two centuries, it was the only university in the country. This national university is funded by the state, but is autonomous and provides free tuition to its students.

10. National University of San Antonio Abad‚ Peru

The idea of ​​opening this educational institution belongs to Pope Innocent XII. Moreover, in 1692, the pontiff fully paid all the costs of creating a university. Today the public university has 24 departments and 29 faculties.

Summing up

The Latin American region has long ceased to be dangerous and unstable. Today Latin America is developing dynamically and is becoming attractive in many aspects, including in education. Over the past ten years, MBA programs have appeared in many countries of this part of the world, especially since such specialists are in demand by the local economy. Choosing a university in Latin America is a good idea so don't miss the opportunity.

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