Want to achieve your goals? Create these 5 habits

We are getting closer to 2020 and many of you are probably creating your new year's eve resolutions. Here are some habits that will help you achieve them.

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As read on Business Insider, research shows that out of the 45% of Americans that make New Year’s Resolutions, only 8% have success in achieving them.

And even though it might be surprising for you, what helps this 8% is their habits. Here are five habits that will help you to finally achieve your goals: 

1. Set realistic goals: when creating your goals for 2020 try to think about those small things that will help you achieve the bigger goal you have in mind. This will help you take things step by step and keep track of what you have been doing and what you are missing.

2. Fight against the feeling of quitting: there will be some times in which you will feel like giving up. You will ask yourself if what you are doing is worth it and will start procrastinating. In those times, find out the real reason of why you have been watching Netflix the whole day instead of working for what you want to achieve: is it fear? Is it frustration? Once you find out what it is, as read on TED ideas, you will know what you need to resolve to get back on track.

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3. Be healthy: yes, everyone is always talking about the importance of being fit and healthy and it may result boring for you. However, it is real. Have you noticed that successful people seem to have endless energy? Eating properly, exercising and getting at least 8 hours of sleep is the reason why. 

This habit may be especially hard to get when you have been doing it wrong your whole life, however, you don´t have to push yourself to the limit. Start by making small changes like eating less sugar or walking 20 minutes each day. 

4. Create a schedule and follow it: when creating a goal, it is important to write down a plan that you are going to follow in order to achieve it. Even if it is as simple as losing weight if you write it down, you will wake up every morning at 7 am to exercise to do so. Whatever you need to do in order to make it, whatever you need to change, do so. 

5. Value your effort and small wins: as historian Sarah Lewis said to Ted Ideas, “Mastery is not a commitment to a goal but to a constant pursuit”. There are many things that happen during the process of achieving a goal and you will certainly have some small wins in your path. 

Even if they are not what you expected, they are prove that you are getting closer to what you really want. Celebrate those small triumphs, thank yourself on a daily basis for what you are doing and use those wins as a reminder that hard work pays off. 

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